Zinc Oxide

If you’re not familiar with what zinc oxide is then you’re going to be after you digest this information. Zinc Oxide is not some new chemical that we’ve recently discovered. It’s actually been around for thousands of years. We can’t pinpoint the precise point in time when the benefits of it were discovered, but it’s safe to say that it was a long time ago. In the old days, it’s said that this compound was used to treat open wounds. Fast forward to 2016, zinc oxide is currently used by many to help correct any damage to the skin. Damage such as scarring, burns, and irritation have been corrected using the synthetic compound. The compound has a unique way of locking in moisture and keeping damaging pathogens out of wounds.

zinc oxide

Zinc Oxide Facts

This product is helpful when it comes to healing. However, there are side effects that come with it as well. I know I’m going to sound like I’m repeating myself because you’ve heard it before, but I want to stress the importance of seeing a dermatologist before you start using any products that contain zinc oxide. At the very least, I’d recommend that you visit the local pharmacist to get his opinion on any product that contains zinc oxide before using it.

What Exactly Is Zinc Oxide?

According to Wikipedia, “Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound with the formula ZnO.” The name is derived from the zincite mineral which it occurs naturally in. However, the majority of zinc oxide that exists is actually produced synthetically.

Zinc oxide is very common and given that it is not water soluble, it’s the perfect ingredient to include in many skin care products. This chemical is widely used in many industries, not just skin care. However, it is known to be a great skin protectant and soothes skin nicely.

Zinc Oxide Uses In Skin Care

If you’ve changed a diaper or two then you’re probably familiar with what diaper rash is. This compound is a popular choice for those that wish to prevent or reduce the possibility of a diaper rash occurring. The zinc oxide protects the skin from bacteria that human excrements might contain. It’s is an ingredient that’s added in many creams, lotions, ointments and many other types of skin care products companies produce.

It is also used in antibacterial products. It’s also used in hemorrhoid cream to help relieve itchiness as well as protect any tissue that might be irritated.

Additional Uses

If you’re a vitamin fan, then you know how important zinc is and that it keeps your body regulated and in repair mode. Zinc further assists your body in repairing damaged tissues and helps increase your overall health.

Side Effects of Using Zinc Oxide

If you happen to need to use a product that contains zinc oxide, the good news is that the inorganic compound is generally safe. As previously mentioned, the compound is non-allergenic and doesn’t clog your pores. However, it has been known to cause some allergic reactions in individuals. Reactions such as swelling, itching and even some tingling can occur if you are allergic to the compound.

Unfortunately, if you are allergic to the compound, it can lead to serious allergic reactions. The problem is that when someone uses a product that contains zinc oxide for an extended period of time, it can have an effect on your body due to the build up. It can even reach toxic levels. It’s best to use products with this ingredient sparingly just in case. I strongly suggest that you contact your dermatologists before using any product and that goes for any product that contains this particular compound as well.

Zinc Oxide
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