Your Pillowcase May Be Making You Look Older!


It’s crucial that you get an adequate number of hours sleep daily. We all know just how important this is and why it matters. In fact, it’s not just for your skin but your overall health and well-being. In addition to catching those crucial snooze hours, people spend an insane amount of money on lotions, creams, serums and even treatments on a regular basis. They do just about anything necessary in order to keep their skin from looking weathered and aged. However, there’s one thing that many of these men and women may be doing which might impact their skin. They’re still using pillowcases made out cotton, which could be one of the main issues.

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Why A Cotton Pillowcase Is Bad For Your Skin

There’s a specific reason why cotton pillowcases are bad for your skin. According to Adelaide’s Today Tonight, your skin actually gets caught on the cotton and it pulls it into a certain position. The problem is that when this happens, your skin isn’t able to easily bounce back to the natural placement or form.

A better option would be to use silk pillow cases and for a number of reasons. For starters, the silk pillow cases are essentially made from the hypoallergenic material. This material allows your skin to breathe easily and move across the surface of the pillow more easily. It doesn’t pull like cotton does.

Using a silk pillow may be extra important especially if you sleep with your face down on the pillow. If you sleep on your side, then there’s a chance that you’ve woken up with lines on your skin. Sure, those lines often go away a few hours after being awake but that doesn’t mean damage hasn’t been done. You could still be assisting with the formation of tiny wrinkles and aging marks if you’re not careful.

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What kind of pillow do you sleep with? We want to hear what you prefer to use and why? If you have before and after pictures, even better! We’re happy to give you some free product samples if you send in your images and share your in-depth opinion on this topic with us! Please leave a comment or contact us via social media to connect with us today!

Your Pillowcase May Be Making You Look Older!
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