Younique Royalty Line Tries To Look Very Royal


I’m a sucker for new innovative packaging and when I saw the new Younique Royalty Line, I thought that maybe it looks like they are trying too hard to be “royal”. The entire line is purple and gold packaging. The products are said to be available around the middle of this month. The look is the “royal treatment” and the products are cleansers, serums, a face mask and moisturizers.

The detoxifying mask makes some interesting claims. One of which is that it “contains an infusion of oxygen.” I don’t even know that that means but the company says that it has “been shown to result into [sic] brigher, more youthful looking skin.” However, it is important to note that no clinical studies were provided by Younique to back up these rather aggressive claims. Younique further states that the mask “oxygenates” the skin. That is a big word, but does it carry real weight?

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All About Younique Skin Care

Younique Royalty Line

The Younique Royalty Line mask has some different ingredients that I haven’t seen much of in the skin care industry. One of them is bamboo charcoal. and the other is simply called “the derivative of vitamin A”. But the company does not explain what this derivative is? Finally, Younique Royalty is promoting a day cream with SPF 20. This is pretty common these days to add sunscreen to day creams to block harmful rays. It also contains vitamin C and E and a “variety of plant extracts”.

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Will the performance of the products live up to the royal purple and gold packaging? That remains to be seen and I look forward to testing them out myself. I haven’t actually heard of Younique until seeing this press release today announcing the Younique Royalty Line. But a quick internet search leads me to believe that the company is pretty well established. Younique has a strong social following and impressive branding and packaging. My main concern about the Younique skin care products are the absence of any potent peptides.

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For instance, SkinPro with its flagship Elite Serum Rx product is well known because of its science based peptides that it uses. Younique on the other hand throws around big words but the ingredient panels are pretty bleak. If I don’t see names like Argireline or Haloxyl or peptides made by the big manufacturers like Lipotec or SeDerma, it becomes hard to get excited about the product efficacy. Citing clinical results in the absence of any actual clinical trials is a red flag for sure. Younique strikes me more as a makeup manufacturer that is dabbling in skin care with the new Younique Royalty Line of skin care products.

Bamboo Charcoal
Bamboo Charcoal is an ingredient used in the Younique Royalty Line
Younique Royalty Line Tries To Look Very Royal
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