Yes, Hello Kitty Skin Care Is Finally Here & Trending! (Limited Edition)


Just before the holidays took place, there was some buzz about a possible Hello Kitty skin care line. Sure, some of these products might not be brand spanken new, but they’re sure to put a smile on your face if you’re a fan of the line. Apparently, a company known as DHC, is a skin care company based out of Japan. DHC recently decided to do the unthinkable…they launched a cross promo collaboration that’s going to knock the socks off any Hello Kitty fanatic out there.

hello kitty skin care

Hello Kitty + DHC = Skin Win!

The line is officially known as the DHC x Hello Kitty line. If you’re wondering what’s included in this line, it’s the hydrating Lip Cream and the Eyelash Tonic. These products help to fix your chapped lips and make your natural eyelashes look more full. In fact, you can completely forget about using any false eyelashes if you decide to pick up these products.

If the product’s effectiveness doesn’t draw consumers in then the cute Sanrio character is bound to attract users.

However, there’s one thing that I must mention to you. If you’re not ready to take action and purchase this product, then you might not ever get the chance to do so. I’ll be the first to admit when I see something that I like and these two products were right up my alley! That’s exactly why I made it a point to pick up a couple of these myself. The products are reasonably priced and have been set as follows. The Hello Kitty Lip Cream costs a low $10 and the Hello Kitty Eyelash Tonic costs only $15.

What are the chances of you getting your hands on this limited edition product if you haven’t already? Well, I hate to say it but the chances are slim to none based on some recent research I’ve conducted. As cute as Hello Kitty is, she doesn’t sit on the shelves very long.

If you’re an absolute Hello Kitty fanatic, then I don’t want you searching high and low for these products. Doing so could lead to fake aftermarket product purchases in which case you’re going to be sorry you did. Read this article here in order to avoid many of the scams that exist out there today.

Now, assuming that you’re not just in it for the Hello Kitty thrills, then you’ve still got plenty of product options to choose from with DHC. The DHC labs are based in Tokyo, Japan and they’re constantly working on creating innovative treatments for all. They’ve got multiple collections and even have a presence here within the United States in San Francisco, CA.

I suggest checking out everything that DHC has to offer if you’re serious about your skin care. Who knows, maybe if you ask nicely they’ll be able to find a Hello Kitty Eyelash Tonic or Lip Cream in storage just for you. I’ll be keeping an eye on this brand as I’ve got a feel they’ll be doing some more creative collaborations in the near future. For now, I’ll stick to using the Hello Kitty products I have and maybe even give some from within the main line a shot.

Yes, Hello Kitty Skin Care Is Finally Here & Trending! (Limited Edition)
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