Year-End Health & Skin Care Actions To Leave Behind In 2017


As the year comes to a close, it’s always a good idea to reflect on things that occurred over the years. I personally take a year-end inventory to see what I’ve spent the majority of my time doing over the year. Neglecting skin and health during this process is something that never happens. In fact, it might be the two areas that I tend to focus in on before anything else.


Reason being, they are both areas that pay of in spades over the long haul. Which is exactly why I find it absolutely imperative that you re-evaluate your skin care and health & wellness habits. I’ve done just that and I’m sharing some of the habits that I plan on leaving behind in the dust come January 1st.

2017 skin care actions to leave behind

I’m Leaving Behind All These Things In 2017

The first thing that I’m planning on leaving behind is the constant switching of protein powders and skin care products. I’ve been testing and trying lots of products throughout the year and in doing so, I’ve probably made less progress than I’d like to have made. I now know what works and what doesn’t in terms of protein powders as well as skin care products. My plan is to keep only a few in rotation throughout the first quarter of 2018. This approach allows me to remain focused enough to make progress all while avoiding the need to waste time and money testing things out.

The next thing that I’m planning on putting to a halt come 2018 is going to bed without washing my face. I’m planning on washing my face nightly using the same product too. At times, I’ve been known to use a cleansing toner or a convenient cleansing wipe in the evening out of sheer laziness. This is most definitely coming to an end for sure.

I’m also planning on cutting back on the number of skin and health publications that I read daily. Sure, knowledge is power, but we share plenty here and consuming more elsewhere doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to achieve better skin or better health. We publish everything you need here and the editors on our site are knowledgeable enough for me to trust should I need any further advice myself.

Another thing I’m planning on doing is not attempting to come up with any DIY solutions of my own. In the past, I’ve attempted to create some do it yourself solutions for both skin and diet, not anymore as that all stops this year. Time is money and your¬†time’s better spent purchasing a clinically proven product and actually using it versus experimenting for months on end.

The final thing that I’m leaving behind in 2017 is consuming alcohol in a glutton fashion. It’s essentially¬†done nothing good for my skin and overall body composition. That said, I’m planning on spending less time in bars, less money on alcohol, and my skin and body are going to reap the rewards of leaving it all behind. I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions just how awful alcohol is for your skin and mind, so now it’s time I practice what I preach to an even greater extent.

These are just a few things that I’ll be leaving behind in 2018! You should think about doing the same!

Year-End Health & Skin Care Actions To Leave Behind In 2017
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