WWE Wrestling Star John Cena Shares Some Skin Care Tips


I’m willing to bet that many of our readers have no idea who John Cena is. Given that I grew up watching Summer Slam, Royal Rumble and every other professional wrestling event on the planet, I certainly know who John Cena is. For those unfamiliar with the star, I’ll share what insight I can about it.

For starters, his real full name is John Felix Anthony Cena and he’s a professional wrestler as well as the host of a tv show. He’s 40 years old and has been wrestling for as long as I can remember. Now, as you may know, if you follow him or the lives of any other wrestlers out there, it’s not an easy life. There’s lots of traveling, stress, physical stress and emotional stress as well. Sure, it pays but at the price of injuries, health, and even skin issues.

One thing we came to learn recently was just what John Cena does to keep his skin in tip-top shape. Good news for you is that I’m going to share everything I know about John Cena’s skin routine today.

John Cena giving skin care advice
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Here’s What John Cena Does To Keep His Skin In Shape

This WWE star is no secret to working on his skin. In fact, it’s an area that he focuses closely on at all times these days. He must know that as you age, it gets more and more difficult to keep your skin looking and feeling good. Soon as the wrinkles and fine lines set in, things get that much more difficult.

One top of his fitness and diet goals, he’s got some skin care goals that he’s set as well. There’s one thing that he swears by and it’s the absolute cornerstone of his routine. I’m talking about moisturizing!

He believes in this so much that he said, “Constant moisturization,” is the key to his routine. No, he isn’t overly obsessed with this and does not go out of his way to moisturize 24/7. However, he does put forth effort into keeping his skin clean as possible at all times and that likely plays a key factor as well.

Have you ever seen John Cena with a beard? Not a chance, that’s because he most likely believes that keeping his face well-groomed can help reduce the dryness factor that so many have to deal with.

I’m sure you’re probably curious which products Mr. Cena likes to use. He’s not using the same brand that The Rock is using. According to some research, it seems like John Cena likes to use the men’s lines made by Vaseline, Jo Malone, and Lubriderm. Just an FYI, he doesn’t have any endorsements so that’s not why he is recommending the brands.

So, the moral of the story is simple: Always keep your skin hydrated or you’ll never look as good as John Cena.

Do you agree or disagree with the tips and techniques that John Cena practices when it comes to his skin? Whatever your opinion may be, we want to hear it loud and clear! Please be sure to reach out to us and let us know what you think about this article.

Also, if you’ve got more celeb gossip with regards to skin care tips and tricks, then please spill the beans. We’ll pay you for the info if it’s exclusive.

WWE Wrestling Star John Cena Shares Some Skin Care Tips
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