Pre Workout and Post Workout Skin Tips


I’m a huge fan of working out and I do it almost daily. There are certain pre as well as post workout activities that you should take in order to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Here are some skin care tips for giving your skin a great workout itself.

pre workout skin tips

Workout Your Skin With These Tips

Most of us spend time focusing on our muscles while working out and we don’t put nearly as much emphasis on the importance of keeping our skin healthy as avid gym rats. Bad hygiene combined with any exercise routine can wreak havoc on your skin. I’m talking skin infections, clogged pores, acne, pimples and so much more.

Not to mention the impact some fad diets can have on your skin as well. If your overall objective is to keep your skin healthy looking while building a stronger body then I suggest you do the following few things…

Take Cold Showers
After you finish your workout, you want to take a cold shower. While hot water is great for opening up your pores, it has also been know to dry your skin out. Take a cold or “somewhat” cold shower to prevent your skin from drying out.

Apply Moisturizer
Regardless of the time of day that you workout, you should always apply moisturizer after a workout. This is yet another tactic that I recommend to battle dry skin from working out. I typically am showered with moisturizer applied within 25 minutes of ending workout. This approach as worked best for me and it will likely do the same for you.

Wash Your Face Immediately
It doesn’t take long for sweat and other bacteria to start clogging your pores after a workout. Post workout, you’re going to want to wash your face almost immediately. This becomes extra important if you’re incorporating swimming into your workout routine.

Wipe Your Phone
Smartphones are awesome because they allow us to stay connected while working out, listen to music, follow workout routines and all the jazz. That said, phones are filthy. Sweat and bacteria passes from your phone to your body. The result is beyond terrible for your skin. Do yourself a solid and clean that phone!

Makeup? Nope!
You’re going to the gym to get fit, not to impress or attract anyone. If anything, you should be their for yourself and you shouldn’t be focused on what you look like in the gym. If you wear makeup on a regular basis at the gym, then I suggest you stop doing so. It can cause more acne and breaking out of your skin.

These are just a few of the most important skin tips for those that like to workout. If you feel as though I may have left something out, please feel free to email me directly and I’ll add it to the article! Have a good weekend and if you head to the gym this weekend, be sure to take care of your skin!

Pre Workout and Post Workout Skin Tips
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