Women In Their 20s Are Now Breaking Out Like Crazy


If you’re living as a woman in your mid-20s, then you’re probably loving life right now and everything is going for you. If you’re sailing in the boat, then kudos to you. You’ve essentially hit the mid 20s lottery.

Now if you’re like the rest of us, you got some issues in one way or another. For many today it’s acne breakouts that are the main issues.

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I know, it sounds so strange but it’s the honest truth. Women in their mid-twenties are starting to break out like crazy. To be fair, I never really mentioned this until someone pointed out an article on it to me. After reading that article, I felt compelled to do my part and research things even more.

If you’re the typical girl living her 20s, then you’re likely doing it all right but it’s leading to the wrong results. I guess I shouldn’t say wrong results, just those not desired by most women in their 20s. Breaking out can be absolute hell at this age. It can affect just about every single aspect of your life that you can think of. Dating, social, work, you name it.

But what causes this to happen at this age? That’s the money question that we’ve all got.

Fear not, I’m going to cover them all right here, right now!

Why Mid 20s Women Are Breaking Out…

Before I share the first reason that females in their 20s are consistently breaking out, I must tell you something. Did you know that nearly 50% of the females out there in this age group are struggling with acne issues? That’s an alarming rate! For the most part, it’s likely got a whole lot to do with hormones.

As you may know, cystic acne is common in women in their 20s and it’s all due to surges in hormones. It has absolutely nothing to do with not washing your face, seriously. The reason this happens is simply a result of insulin peaks and valleys and the production of androgens in your body. As this happens, your skin produces more oil.

This next reason kinda goes with the first. Are you taking birth control? Perhaps you’re messing with your doses and brands? Lots of women in their 20s start experimenting with different birth controls, only to find out that it’s caused their hormones to go absolutely bonkers! If you’re steadily switching birth control medicines, then I want you to stop doing so right now.

Another reason this might be occurring is that you’re no longer living a healthy lifestyle or you’re attempting to get in a healthy state. Major shifts in health changes (good or bad) can often cause acne breakouts. If you’re losing weight or gaining weight, it can cause your hormones to shift, ultimately resulting in acne breakouts. These healthy changes could also be your body removing toxins via your skin. Guess what, that’s not going to be great for anyone, especially your skin in the short term that is!

One other reason that you may begin breaking out in your mid-20s is that you’re putting forth an honest effort to take care of your skin. Let’s assume you’ve started a super regimen, taking all the steps and necessary measures to make your skin look great. Well, guess what, trying extra hard doesn’t always help. In fact, it can really hurt quite a bit.

I guess my point is that if you’re dealing with acne issues in your mid to late 20s, you’re not alone. In fact, someone you know is probably having the same issues. Speak with them about it because talking does in fact help! Either that or reach out to a dermatologist for help!

Women In Their 20s Are Now Breaking Out Like Crazy
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