Winter Skin Care Tips

curing for your skin in the winter Winter, along with all the breezy and frosty winds, brings the pleasure of having less allergies in addition to all the joys of having cozy and cuddly nights, coffee that you get fond of and many other events, which would help you think of this cold breezy weather as more of seasonal thing to enjoy and to be less expletive to it. Although, it is inevitable to admit that the perks of this weather are comparatively less than its detriments, All these seasonal changes and exposure to different temperatures mostly make our skin pay the price. But, not to worry as there are many ways of preventing the harm that this weather could cause to your skin.

Taking Care of Your Skin in the Cold Weather

Winter makes every type of skin prone to dryness and itchiness. Plus, cracked skin is what you might end up having when winter visits, so it’s better if you keep yourself prepared and maintain the process of averting from such conditions.

It is not essential to visit a dermatologist when you know how to deal with a skin inflammation like eczema, which is a condition in which the skin becomes very itchy and you feel like scratching it all the time. It only worsens if you do not take any measures of preventing it. Are chapped lips and cracked skin a part of your worries? well here are some tips to help you prevent such conditions:

Skin reacts differently in every season, which is why the lotion or cream that you might use in the summer season will not be very effective in winter. Moisturizers, being very effective to a cracked skin are available int he market and you can also create your own. By using a moisturizer your skin will get a lot of help, as the oil in it will create a protective layer over your skin that will retain more moisture than a cream or lotion can.

Warm showers can be very pleasant in a cold season, you might feel like staying in them for long enough, but it strips skin of its natural oil leaving it more dehydrated and itchy. Luke warm water will be best, or a hot bath for not more than 10 minutes is advisable.

Go for cotton clothes or any other tightly woven natural fabric, they are best for people who have eczema, as they will contribute in making your skin less itchy and less irritable.

To make the cream penetrate deeper in your skin, put on cotton gloves and socks. They will block the evaporation and make the cream more effective.

Washing you face frequently is not advisable, also do not rub it hard, as it can damage your sensitive skin; try wiping it off gently and use use napkins or soft tissues for this purpose.

Make sure that the cleanser or toner that you use does not contain any alcohol, and also soaps are not much effective. Use a face wash instead that contains glycerine.

There are many home remedies that you can try, for e.g. home-made masks, honey or sugar scrub, using yogurt as a moisturizer, and many other natural remedies can help you brighten up your skin.

Your diet can affect the condition of your skin, add citric fruits in your diet, as vitamin C are very beneficial for your skin. Cut back on the junk food. Keep your body hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Winter Skin Care Tips
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