Will Ferrell Is Finally In The Beauty Business!


I’m guessing that this is going to be news to you. The last person you’d think of being in the beauty business is likely Will Ferrell but he is! He’s got a strong opinion on protecting your skin from the sun and he’s putting his a** on the line to make sure that you all protect your skin daily.

What product does the streaking comedian own? Well, none other than the Super Mega Sexy Hot Man Sunscreen. You might think that this is one big joke but it most certainly is not. Crazy marketing and hilarious packaging aside, this is an SPF 30 sunscreen that’s said to protect your skin to the fullest extent possible.

will ferrell super mega hot sexy tan
Will Ferrell’s Official Sunscreen Brand

The packaging has some quotes that might remind you of his incredible role at Mugatu in Zoolander. On the package, you’ll find the following quote, “The sun is an evil celestial demon. It tricks us into worshiping it with its warm alluring rays and bright primary color. Don’t be fooled. It was to destroy us and is hell bent on world domination.”

Now, if that doesn’t make you want to jump in a tub full of sunscreen, then I don’t know what will.

Will Ferrell goes as far as calling himself a Celebrity Lotion Advocate. Now that title sounds super fancy. I dig it my friend!

Why Is He Involved With This?

Well, the real reason Will Ferrell is involved here is for charity purposes. See, the product is actually sold by Cancerforcollege.org. Founder and owner, Craig Pollard, set this foundation up to help provide financial support to cancer survivors for educational purposes such as scholarships. In fact, they’ve raised over $2,000,000 since they started the foundation in 1994. They’ve provided scholarships to more than 1,000 cancer survivors across the United States.

Now, Will Ferrell’s Super Mega Sexy Hot Tan Sunscreen can be purchased for $25. You will receive two bottles with free shipping.

Some of the active ingredients in this sunscreen include Oxybenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene, and Avobenzone.

Will’s not the only celeb that’s all about protecting yourself from the sun. Hugh Jackman is all about doing the same. He’s battled skin cancer and I’m sure he’s not the only one out there that’ll agree with Will.

Whether you purchase this or some other SPF 30 sunscreen, I really don’t care. What I do care about is that you take some action to protect yourself and your skin.

Will Ferrell Is Finally In The Beauty Business!
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