Why You Must Drink Apple Cider Shots Daily


Ask any of the writers that are part of our team here on skin care and they’ll tell you how much of a health freak I am. While I’m not the leanest I’d like to be, I am pretty healthy. I try to avoid alcohol, high glycemic carbs, toxins, and processed foods. It’s not just what I don’t consume but what I do as well. With regards to that, there’s something I’ve been consuming daily for months now. It’s an apple cider vinegar shot!

apple cider vinegar shot

Given the obsessed approach I take to health and fitness, my friends would not be shocked if I shared this with them. My previous routine was waking up in the morning and consuming warm water with lemon topped off with a black coffee. I no longer to the lemon water. Instead, it’s all about the apple cider vinegar shots and that’s the only way for me to kick the day off.

Think I’m the only one? THINK AGAIN.

There are literally thousands of fitness influencers of today are incorporating apple cider vinegar into their daily routines. They’re doing so in order to improve their skin, body, and internal health.

The smell and taste is about as awful as it gets. Yes, it’s pungent and it certainly does “sting the nostrils,” but it’s well worth it.

stings the nostrils

Even celebs such as Hillary Duff are downing this acidic liquid. Hillary isn’t afraid to drink her apple cider shot straight either. That’s just goes to show how much of a trooper she really is.

Here’s Why You Should Start Your Day With An Apple Cider Vinegar Shot

The real way to do this is to just get out of bed, head to the kitchen cabinet and slug down a apple cider vinegar shot. This ACV shot will kick things hint gear and leave you more awake than any cup of coffee will.

Should you drink it straight? Well, no you really should not. Although it’s not going to kill you to drink it straight, it might not be the best for your teeth as it can destroy your enamel. All you need to do is dilute it with a cup of water and you’ll be fine. If you do shoot it down undiluted, you’ll increase the risk of damaging your digestive system and perhaps your esophagus.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits are plentiful. If you’re the type that suffers from constant headaches, acne, inflamed skin and other skin issues, then this ACV shot is right up your alley. I guess it’s supposed to be good for boosting your immune system as well. That’s due to the antibacterial properties. You should also notice improvements in your digestion and gut as well. If you’re the type to battle bloating issues, then this might suit you just fine.

Some people have noticed an increased glow or tone to their skin as opposed to using a traditional toner. Assuming this is something that your looking to achieve, then my advice to you would be to jump on apple cider vinegar shot train and reap the rewards of doing so. Trust me, you will be glad that you did.

If you really want to dive into the ACV lifestyle, then check out the apple cider vinegar diet that’s trending today. Click here to read an article on it.

Why You Must Drink Apple Cider Shots Daily
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