Why Is Honey So Darn Popular In Skin Care Now?


There are literally thousands of ingredients that companies incorporate into their skin care formulas. I could sit here for a week straight naming them all and still miss most of them. However, there’s a simple ingredient that isn’t made by some well-educated chemist in a laboratory and it’s trending harder than ever! I’m talking about honey.

I know, if you haven’t had lunch yet, then you’re probably thinking of how tasty this ingredient is with some greek yogurt and berries or even on toast with peanut butter. It’s basically delicious, tastes fantastic and it’s even better for your skin.

Using Honey In Skin Care Ingredients
Kiehl’s Renewing Cream (Which Contains Manuka Honey)

Don’t think that you’re being all cool and hip by jumping on the wagon with regards to using this product. It’s not as new as you think. In fact, incorporating honey into your skin care regimen is nothing new at all. This type of thing goes all the way back to the days when Egyptians such as Cleopatra roamed the earth.

Speaking of which, I guess she was a big fan of incorporating honey into her face mask. Don’t quote me on that but I’m pretty sure of that.

Why the heck is this ingredient surging in popularity today?

Well, it’s got to have something to do with the natural and organic craze that most are buzzing about. Everyone seems to want to use fewer synthetics and more natural ingredients today, so why not choose honey.

People Are Using Honey In Their Skin Care Routines

One thing you must understand about this ingredient is that it’s an antimicrobial. There’s a reason why it can last in the cupboard without growing mold and it’s because of these specific antimicrobial properties that it has.

A couple other reasons why people are using this because it can fight off acne naturally. Whether you’re battling acne or you’ve got naturally clear skin, you should think about incorporating this into your routine. Specifically, manuka honey seems to be what everyone is using these days. You can read more on this right here if you’d like.

I mean, when a company like Kiehl’s decides to spend millions on product creation, marketing, and advertising and all on a product with the active ingredient being honey, then you know it’s time.

There are two approaches that you can take here. One is the do it yourself approach which means you’ll need to check this section out and maybe watch a few videos to learn how to make face masks with this ingredient.

The other approach is to spend some money and buy something that’s conveniently available at the local beauty store or head to your derm doctor’s office and buy something they offer.

Honestly, if you choose to just buy something, then you’re saving yourself the headache of creating your own formulas as well as handling the cleanup process.

My advice would be to give one of the many manuka honey skin care products a try. Take a close look at some of the main skin issues you’re having, determine what they are and find a solution by searching online. The other option is emailing us. We’re always glad to help out whenever possible.

If I had to make only one recommendation on a product to purchase, I’d suggest that you pick up a small jar of the Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream. It’s not cheap, but who said looking good was free?

Ride the wave and attempt to add some honey-based products to your daily regimen. I’d be happy to learn whether or not it works out for you! Chances are it’s going to do wonders for your skin, good luck!

Why Is Honey So Darn Popular In Skin Care Now?
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