Why I Created SkinCare.net


Lots of people have been asking me lately why I created a site about skin care. The reason is actually very simple. As somebody who has been helping companies sell skin care products online for the past several years, I have never seen so much misinformation in a market. The skin care consumer for the most part is highly confused, and rightfully so.

The internet is still the wild west when it comes to skin care product claims. So many products promise the world but just don’t deliver anywhere near the promised results. This is because most skin care companies spend much more on marketing than on research and development. Saving that extra penny becomes much more important than putting out a quality product.

Editor in Chief Charles Moscoe

So my objective with this website is to produce real content that consumers can rely on when making skin care product buying decisions. Everybody knows that the beauty market is highly competitive. So many products are designed to do the same thing. How do you sort the pretenders from the contenders? This is why I created this website.

Every day at SkinCare.net we look for the hottest trending skin care, health and beauty topics and write about them. Additionally, we are always reviewing popular skin care products, including cosmetics. Our YouTube Channel is always updated with extensive video reviews. I strongly suggest that before buying any skin care product you do a search on this website and look for the review.

While this site is in its infancy, it is already gaining major traction online. Traffic is rising rapidly literally every week. The video skin care product reviews are starting to be seen. Our Instagram channel has been a real highlight with over 1000 followers in the first month since going live. This is growing organically and I’m certain that there is huge untapped demand for this content.

Over the rest of 2016 you are going to see many changes here. I am putting together the greatest network of skin care content websites on the planet. SkinCare.net is the flagship website but will be only a part of the Skin Care Media group of websites. These sites are still mostly under development but include such premium domains like EyeCream.com, EyeSerum.comEyeCreams.com and even DietPillReviews.com. In total there are dozens of websites currently under development and the totality of this effort will be Skin Care Media.

The goal here is to build an audience by simply putting out quality content every single day. Videos, articles and skin care product reviews are being released network wide at all times. I’ve put together a great team to help me achieve these goals. You have likely seen video product reviews by Brandice Labadie. She is a real beauty pro and the camera loves her.

Brandon Sirrico came on board a little over a week ago. He is quickly becoming a top writer here at SkinCare.net. This guy has his finger on the pulse of the skin care industry. His speciality is celebrity skin care. Brandon knows what type of shampoo each Kardashian uses. A huge asset to the team here and, he is already producing quality content for the website that is some of the top read stuff here.

We also have Kathy Tremblay contributing at this site. While her focus is primarily on behind the scenes skin care research, she is also an accomplished writer and very tech savvy. Kathy is a real natural skin care products buff. The plan is for her to share some of her do-it-yourself home grown solutions to common skin care problems.

So now you know why I created this website. If there is any product that you want to see reviewed, or any skin care issue that you have a question about, just reach out to me. Send me a message through the contact form and I’d be happy to get you the information that you are after. This site is my baby and it is the readers that will make it truly special. With that said, don’t hesitate to contact me about anything. My office door is permanently open.


Why I Created SkinCare.net
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Charles Moscoe


Charles Moscoe is the Editor in Chief of SkinCare.net. He is an experienced beauty consultant and financial journalist with nearly 20 years of publishing experience.