Why Does The Skin on Our Neck Age So Fast?

The skin on our hands and neck are the ones where our true age is revealed faster than the rest of the human body.  Today we’ll talk about why that happens as well as suggest a few things you can do to deter this process of aging.


Why is The Skin on Our Neck Aging So Quickly?

Our neck skin is thick, mostly because it is composed of less fatty tissue when compared to the rest of the skin.  It also has a lesser amount of sebaceous glands.  For this reason, the skin in this area is dry, and as we talked about here, dry skin is always going to age faster than skin that is hydrated.

Additionally, the muscles in our neck are not connected to any bone structure, and for this reason it loses elasticity faster.  This also leads to slower blood circulation.

What Can You Do About Aging Skin on the Neck?

It’s no secret that companies are taking advantage of people’s laziness in paying attention to this area by making anti aging creams for the neck designed to tighten and firm the skin.

Think about when you apply sunblock.  Most of us focus on our faces, and then apply the sunblock to the arms and the neck.  However, there are very few of us who entirely coat the neck skin and decollete area properly.  This leads to neck wrinkles and loose skin hanging on the neck.

Remedies for Neck Tightening

In addition to using a neck firming cream, you can also use a facial scrub on a weekly basis that will address these issues.

In addition to that, you can apply ice cubes to your neck every morning as part of your skin care routine. If you make them with milk and water it’ll speed up the circulation of the blood.

And remember, no matter what you are doing in your routine, make sure to drink plenty of water!  Water is like fuel for our skin and encourages the exfoliation process.  Don’t skimp out on the easiest method to healthy skin!

Why Does The Skin on Our Neck Age So Fast?
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