Why Customers are Flocking to CBD Creams

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Of course, like any controversial topic, it’ll depend on where you choose to get your news from, but Ministry of Hemp provides many reasons why people should think about incorporating a CBD cream into their list of preferred skin products.

Facts About CBD & Skin Care

There are many ways you can use CBD, such as vaping, taking extracts, or swallowing pills, but of course, thanks to many new products out there, you can apply it topically.

When learning about why people are going the topical route, we found that topical products seem to work faster, since it gets right to the source.  Skipping having to pass through the digestive system, the topical versions can treat many skin ailments, chronic pain, as well as other issues.

For those of you who dislike animal testing, you probably won’t like hearing that most research so far has been from applying CBD topically to animals. There is far less research discussing CBD benefits for humans, but we’re in the early stages.

  • CBD improved the arthritic symptoms in rats back in July of 2016.

“Transdermal CBD gel significantly reduced joint swelling,”

  • Animal studies also showed that the CBD could reduce various forms of inflammation.

One solid side note is that CBD will not have any psycho-active effects (such as smoking marijuana) when applied topically.  Accordingly, anyone concerned with “getting high” can rest assured that the topical versions are not going to make your mind go crazy.

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Skin Conditions that Can be Improved by Using Topical CBD

So far, there have been reports of the following skin conditions being improved upon using CBD and THC topically:

The benefits of CBD Oil goes far beyond chronic pain relief, as you can see.

The painful after affects of a bad sunburn, arthritis, and more

There is a multitude of different medicinal uses of CBD cream. From treating the pain of sunburn to helping serious arthritis, CBD cream has helped a ton patients. CBD cream is used to help patients relieve pain in a generalized area, meaning that if somebody is having shoulder pain, then rubbing CBD cream in the general area of pain will relieve that area. The CBD in the topical combines with the CB2 receptors that are found in our skin. It does not reach the bloodstream, which is why it does not help with full-body pain relief.  

However, this ability to focus its medicinal qualities to one area has given patients the ability to focus in on joint pains. By rubbing CBD cream on joints, the CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory for chronic pain relief. This helps sooth any swelling of the joints and allows for better mobility. This is why CBD cream is being used by patients with severe arthritis.  

In addition to the relief provided in the symptoms above, you’ll be happy to learn that most CBD creams contain essential oils.  These are designed to soothe the skin, and I invite you to learn more about them using the links below.

It has been found to help relieve the symptoms of burns, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and skin infections. CBD is a great natural alternative for these ailments. Since most CBD creams contain essential oils, the products provide medicinal qualities along with just soothing the skin. From my personal use of CBD cream, I have found that CBD lotion is great for treating sunburn.  

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Why Customers are Flocking to CBD Creams
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