Which Hair Growth Oils Are The Best For Men?


While we don’t get a lot of inquiries from men these days, we do get the occasional email asking us to do a bit of research. One of the latest emails that we received was from a guy looking for a few possible solutions for boosting hair growth (aside from pills). Lots of men don’t want to have to deal with applying products. They think it’s too much work given the required tasks. Quite frankly, I think the person saying that is just being lazy AF.

If you’re willing to put in the work and you’re not one of those lazy guys, then maybe one of the many hair growth oils are right up your wallet. I’d personally consider this an essential item, especially if you’re sporting a pretty decent beard.

Assuming you’re on the hunt for some hair growth oils, then we’ve got some goodies to share with you below. Keep in mind that these are not in any particular order and that some products may work better for you versus others. I’ve added some videos for your convenience as well.

best hair growth oil for men

Hair Growth Oil For Men – Six Options For You

Here’s the list, no tire kicking here just straight knowledge bombs.

#1 Jack Black Epic Moisture Oil

I’m going to kick things off with a brand that we’re all familiar with. It’s on that many of us have walked by hundreds of times at Macy’s and other large department stores. That’s right, Jack Black! The Jack Black Epic Moisture MP 10 Nourishing Oil is a great choice if you’re looking to pick up a product that can help you multitask. This oil can be used as a conditioner, styling oil, or just a frizz reducer.

The main ingredient in this puppy is argan oil, a winner when it comes to hair growth. You’ll also find other infamous oils such as jojoba oil, plum seed, and olive oil. This also contains watermelon seed oil which isn’t commonly used these days. You can expect nothing but rejuvenation, repairing, and really good-looking hair all over. Moving right along…

#2 Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil

Next on the list is the Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil. This may sound like a product that only works on your beard, but it’s much more than that. You can safely apply this to your scalp, especially if you’re looking to provide it with natural ingredients for energizing regrowth. Some of the natural ingredients that you’ll find in this beard oil are vitamin B6, rose, sesame oil, and hibiscus.

#3 Men Deserve Beard Oil

This next hair growth oil solution for men is by Men Deserve. It’s a beard and hair growth oil that comes in a 50ml spray bottle. I like this because the dispenser makes it effortless and without any mess, period. The beard and hair growth oil is paraben free as well as mineral free. If you’re dealing with split ends, dandruff and what not, then this is a must-have for sure.

#4 Organic Hair Growth Oil by Hair Thickness Maximizer

Another option might be heading on over to Amazon and picking up the Organic Hair Growth Oil by Hair Thickness Maximizer. If you’re dealing with thinning hair or perhaps receding hair, then this might be the ticket. It’s an organic option, works wonders on the scalp, helps reduce thinning and it’s affordable. The only downside of using a product like this is that you’ll need to use it for a long period of time and the results will likely not come right away. However, they have a money back guarantee if you don’t see preferred results with the first 90 days.

What ingredients does this contain? Well, you’ll find argan oil, jojoba oil, and Jamaican black castor oil (also used in this product). This one also contains cayenne extract, spearmint, and pomegranate extract. It’s a solid option for those looking to up their hair growth game, no doubt.

#5 Men’s Hair Oil by Badger

This product was created in New Hampshire and it might seem like the perfect product for the mountain man, but it’s great for all. I like this product because it’s not complicated at all. There are vitamins in it – E, A, D, and F. There are essential oils in it and thee are plant oils as well as EFAs. Combine all those things and you’ve hit the lottery when it comes to hair growth formulas.

It sounds simple, but it does quite a bit for your hair. You’ll improve your scalp, have thicker hair and you’ll be able to fight the good fight no matter what the weather may be. It’s organic, protects in the winter and summer, contains menthol to keep you cool as a cucumber. What’s not to love?

#6 Viking Revolution Beard Oil

For those looking for a low-cost solution, you can look into the beard oil condition by Viking Revolution. This is an unscented beard growth oil that contains argan and jojoba oils. This 600+ Amazon reviews and a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 it’s a winner for sure. The brand offers a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, but for $7.95 I can’t see why anyone would complain, really. I love the fact that it’s unscented too because not everyone can handle the sandalwood scents and other fragrances that these often boast.

All in all, you’ve got plenty of affordable options if you’re looking to start using a hair growth oil on a daily basis. Remember, consistency is key as with anything in life. Just go for it! You can find all of these brands on Amazon under the beard oil section for men.

Which Hair Growth Oils Are The Best For Men?
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