When Should You Start Using Eye Creams?

Eva Mendes with Puffy Eyes
Even the gorgeous Eva Mendes needs an eye cream!

There is a lot of confusion about eye creams and when it is the right time to begin using them. Should you use them in your 20’s, only when you see a wrinkle or dark circles appear?

Or are they for older people? The answer is, the right time to use eye creams is when you feel it is appropriate and right for you.

Everyone is different, some people start wearing eye cream at an early ages, others at an older age and some not at all! Generally, the best time to start using eye cream is:

When you have puffy eyes:

Puffiness under the eyes occurs when fluid builds up, causing issues around the eye to swell. Allergies and sinuses are common causes of puffy eyes and can also be caused by lack of sleep, your diet and age. Eye creams that include cooling ingredients such as cucumber, mint and caffeine can help to reduce swell and sooth the eyes.

When you have dark circles:

Everyone has dark circles underneath the eyes or gets them from time to time, discoloration of the eye area is caused by a number of things, and your diet, smoking and stress are among the most common causes of dark circles. Eye creams can help to brighten the eye area and make your eyes look fresh and awake. Eye creams with ingredients such as vitamin C, K and cucumber in can help to brighten the skin around eyes and plump them to reduce shadow.

When you have fine lines:

Fine lines are caused by the skin thinning, combined with continuous muscle usage. This can cause you to look older and make your whole face look aged. Eye creams that include ingredients that are collagen-building are good for smoothing out fine lines and tightening skin.

When you feel you need to:

Eye cream can be used regularly; it is not just for when you notice dark circles and line lines etc. Using eye cream daily can help prevent dark circles, eye puffiness, wrinkles etc. and is a good way to keep eyes looking fresh and lively. Daily eye creams can help to hydrate the eyes, prevent dryness and protect them from sun damage. Eye creams with ingredients such as tea tree, mint and cucumber can sooth eyes and keep them youthful.

When Should You Start Using Eye Creams?
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