What The Heck Is Marula Oil?


Here at Skincare.net, we like oils. We’re especially fond of oils that help improve our beauty and skin. One oil that comes to mind is none other than marula oil. This is an oil that was derived from Africa, specifically the Namibia region and it’s been used for literally a few hundred years. The women in the local region use this ingredient in order to look younger. It keeps their skin glowing and looking perfect as can be.

The oil comes from the nuts within the seeds of the fruits that the marula tree produces. These trees are native to specific areas within Africa. Places such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana to name a few. The ingredient is one that we’ve grown to love and although it’s difficult to get a hold of at times, it’s well worth it.

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Juicy Details On Marula Oil What It Can Do For Your Skin

Before getting into the many benefits of marula oil, I figured I would share a few fun facts about this oil with you.

  • Marula Oil is uncommonly referred to its scientific name, sclerocarya birrea.
  • The oil has a pleasant nutty smell to it and it penetrates the skin very easily.
  • This oil is jam-packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Due to it containing such a high amount of antioxidants, it’s 10x as stable as olive oil and can last for close to two years.
  • This oil has way more vitamin C than oranges.

Now, to get to the skin care aspects of things, here’s what you need to know about marula oil and how ti can improve your skin.

For starters, like I said, this oil has a lot of antioxidants in it, literally 50% to 60% more than most other oils used for skin care. This makes it a great candidate for anti aging products. Some people actually prefer to use this oil at night versus applying a standard night cream. It’s safe and useful if you want to keep that youthful look going with regards to your skin.

If boosting collagen is on your agenda, then you’ll be happy to learn that marula oil is loaded with vitamin C which can help increase collagen production. It’s all because of the high antioxidant levels. This will help cut down on the sagging skin issues that we all eventually have to deal with. Use this African-derived oil if you want to avoid saggy skin, simple as pie.

Assuming you like to have well-balanced moisturized skin, then you need to use marula oil. Reason being, it contains something known as oleic acid which is an omega 9. This fatty acid has the ability to get deep into your skin and hydrate better. Upped hydration levels mean everything. If you’re not trying to improve your skin hydration levels then you’re doing it wrong.

I should also mention that marula oil is great if you’re dealing with dry skin. Assuming your skin is dry and damaged, then you want to be sure to incorporate this into your daily routine. Many people have been using marula oil as a long-term moisturizing tactic and it seems to be taking off based on my research.

If you’re interested in buying this, then be sure to look for it in it’s purest form. If so, you’ll just need to head on over to Amazon and do a couple of searches. My guess is that you’ll find a few options there.

What The Heck Is Marula Oil?
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