What The Heck Is Liquid Vegan Collagen?


I’ve been known to roam the social media platforms and interwebs from time to time. Every so often I come across something that just makes me scratch my head. Earlier today I came across something known as vegan liquid collagen. Of course, I know what collagen is and why it’s so darn good for you and your skin. But vegan lquid collagen, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of it. This is why I did some investigating to learn more about this ingredient.

Liquid Vegan Collagen by Algenist
Credit: Algenist

Before I get into things here, feel free to do a couple of searches on Instagram for #vegancollagen to see what you come up with. Chances are you’ll see a forever scrolling list of smoothie shots, face masks, and a number of other types of product related snapshots consumers have taken.

So, now that you’ve got your social media searching out of the way, lets get down to business here. For those interested in knowing what liquid vegan collagen is, it’s a collagen that’s plant-based and believe it or not, it is actually hard to find. However, one skin care brand has put some serious work in when it comes to formulating the perfect vegan collagen liquid solution. The brand behind is called Algenist and they’ve determined a way to extract compounds from plants that help boost collagen levels within the skin.

There secret – microalgae. Based on the clinical trials that this company has done, they’ve concluded that the microalgae used in their latest product can increase cell regeneration by 55%. Based on the research that I’ve done, they’ve combined algae and vegan collagen to create a safe and clean formula that’s meant to help boost your skin back into youthful shape.

Now for the reasons why you might want to incorporate vegan liquid collagen into your daily skin routine. Don’t worry, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Trust me, I’d much rather have you looking for a product that suits your needs versus spending time reading this.

The first and most important reason to use liquid vegan collagen is because your body is likely craving it if you’re well into your 20s or older. As you get older, your collagen stores deplete and with that depletion, elasticity follows suit. Incorporating some form of a collagen complex can really help improve the bounce of your skin. You’ll want to apply this to your skin versus consume it because it’s just not as effective when taken orally.

Another reason why you should think about incorporating this vegan liquid collagen is because it’s super potent. You’ll be delivering way more vitamin E and omega fatty acids if you use this product by Algenist than if you were to simply use a typical liquid collagen. On top of that, you’ll notice that your skin will begin to show results rather quickly. Lots of products on the market tend to take months to yield results. While I cannot guarantee that this will work super quickly, I can say that it may work faster than you’re typically used to seeing.

If you’re still not convinced, then I suggest you head to the local Sephora and ask them what options they have for vegan liquid collagen products. If they don’t have any, then you might want to try a department store nearby with a wide range of brands and product types. Last but not least, head on over to your local Whole Foods to get a better idea of what this type of product can do.

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What The Heck Is Liquid Vegan Collagen?
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