What The Heck Causes Skin Irritation?


Breakouts suck. There are lots of things out there that many people claim are awesome for your skin, but they simply aren’t. I’m sick and tired of hearing all the stories about people testing and trying things only to find out that their skin is now an irritated mess. We’re very persistent people here at Skincare.net. Just take a look around, we don’t skip a beat. If skin irritation is your problem, then we’re here to get to the bottom of it all.

Here’s a not so fun fact, sometimes putting serious effort to keep your skin top notch can backfire. I’m talking about all that exfoliating, moisturizing, cleansing, and everything under the sun that you’re trying. It might not be the answer your looking for. You try and try and try, yet to no avail, you continue to have to deal with dryness, redness, a pH level that’s unbalanced and more.

What you might not know is that there are plenty of things that you do throughout your day that might be making your skin angry. If you’re not into letting go of things, then this might be a problem. However, I suggest you put in the effort if you want less irritated skin.

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Start By Immediately Kicking These Habits To The Curb!

Popping All Pimples – Unless your pimple is a whitehead, there’s no reason why you should be attempting to pop it. Before applying any acne medication, you’ll want to extract the whitehead, then apply the acne meds. Unless it’s a whitehead, you should not be touching your pimple at all. Keep your hands far, far, away!

Don’t Wash Your Face (In The Shower) – Taking a super hot shower is a luxury for most in life. If you’re trying to wash your face in that hot shower, then you’re going to irritate it. Instead, opt to do so in the sink and with a cooler temperature of water. Hot water on your face will lead to red, dry skin, rosacea, and eczema. Just do your best to avoid it at all costs.

Balance Your pH – If you’re using plain jane soap then it can cause issues with your pH balance. An unbalanced pH skin level is going to cause irritation one way or another.

Oil Up Immediately – Unless you’re superhuman, you can plan on having your skin lose its moisture within just a few minutes of exiting the shower. When this happens, your skin becomes irritated. Apply oil or lotion immediately after showering. That’s the best way to lock in the moisture in your skin.

Wear Breathable Clothes – Ditch the clothes that trap in all that excess heat. If you’re used to wearing clothes that retain heat, pressures, or even friction, then you’re going to find your skin irritated at times. Your best bet is to opt for clothes that are loose and not as restricted.

Those should be enough adjustments for you to take some action on today. Don’t put too much thought into all this, just take action and enjoy the benefits of doing so! I’ve personally made changes in my life with regards to the suggestions above and they’ve made a huge difference. Try it out yourself and you’ll likely achieve similar results.

What The Heck Causes Skin Irritation?
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