The Hottest Skin Care Ingredient In Korea Is Tree Sap?


Much has been said about the beauty craze sweeping over Korea. It is a real game changer in the skin care industry. The Asian beauty market in general has been a wealth of novel skin care products. Think about sheet masks and essences for starters. Now I want to talk about the latest skin care product ingredient that is being called the hottest additive of 2016. Is it tree sap. Is it in your beauty regimen?

Best overall: Maple Tree Sap

Most people equate tree sap with the sticky liquid that comes out of a tree and is impossible to get off your skin and clothes. But did you know that tree sap is the veins of the tree? It helps deliver the vital nutrients from the roots all the way to the tree trunk, branches and the leaves. Given all of this, you will find that tree sap is loaded with things like antioxidants, vitamins and even amino acids. These are all critical skin care product superstars.

Maple tree sap is such a key ingredient in skin care product development. This is because size does really matter. The maple tree sap has a tiny molecule size. It is smaller than water and closer to the size of bodily fluid. So, maple tree sap is able to effectively deliver nutrients to your skin fast. You can apply it to your skin as is, because it is loaded with hydrating minerals that protect your skin in addition to super rich antioxidants.

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Sensitive skin: Red Ginseng Sap

For sensitive skin the Koreans are turning in droves to red ginseng sap. Ginseng has always been an old school vitamin wonder. You can go back hundreds of years and see how popular this root has been in Asia. This is due to its unique ability to boost the immune system along with personal energy levels. When it is applied to the skin the red ginseng acts fast to enhance the skin’s natural resilience and texture. It can also act as an anti inflammatory. Furthermore, red ginseng sap contains saponin which is a molecule that works by driving production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Red ginseng sap assists with the problem of skin irritations and it makes the skin super soft and counters redness.

Picture of Red Ginseng

Brighten skin: White Birch Sap

White birch sap is a pretty new development. It is a brightening agent. There is a unique pairing of niacinamides in white birch sap that cause skin to be brighter. Literally following application your skin can have an absolutely glowing complexing. Niacinamides are the vitamin B3 and vitamin C.  It is the vitamin c that does most of the brightening work. We have talked many times about how effective vitamin c serum actually is, but now you see there is even another variant that is useful for brightening skin.

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For dry skin: Bamboo Sap

Bamboo can grow about 2 feet a day and is a fantastic hydrator. Pandas love bamboo as a snack. In fact, raw bamboo sap is an amazing moisturizer. It acts a lot like the natural moisturizers in your skin. Because it is so deeply nourishing to your skin, bamboo sap has become extremely popular as a skin care product ingredient. Best yet, bamboo itself is environmentally sustainable, so while you help your skin you should feel good that you are helping mother earth.

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The Hottest Skin Care Ingredient In Korea Is Tree Sap?
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