What is the Best Eye Cream of 2017?


When people want to look their best, the first thing they do is look in the mirror. Every single morning I glance (well, let’s be honest – I stare) at myself and say “why do my eyes always look tired?”

For most of us who are in our twenties and higher, an eye cream makes perfect sense.  An eye cream does many things, including:

  • conceals dark under eye circles
  • hides fine lines and wrinkles
  • adds moisture and promotes elasticity in the skin
  • promotes cellular regrowth and stimulates collagen

Which Eye Creams are the Top Products for Sale in 2017?

There are literally thousands of eye creams, serums, and gels that aim to cure the many sings of aging, including the ones I mentioned above.  To literally sit here and rank all of them would be impossible.  So while I can’t sit here and say with absolute certainty that one product is better than the next (it would take 1,000 lifetimes to figure that out), I can reflect on experiences with products I have personally tried and tested and give you my best answer.

Let’s first talk about what I do before I apply an eye cream. 

The absolute first step is to cleanse the face.  Any old cleanser (or just soap if you are budget conscious) will do, but if you have sensitive skin avoid the ones with salyclyic acid, as they could cause irritation.

Next, I apply a full facial serum that has anti aging properties.  I like the facial serum with bio placenta made by Skin Pro.  It was their latest anti aging product release this year and it has NOT disappointed.  It’s an Amazon best seller, and you’ll see that if you view the link below.

Get it on Amazon —-> click here.

This is currently the top selling BIO-Placenta serum on Amazon.com. It’s also our recommended facial serum for 2017.

A cream will essentially lock in any serum, so always apply that after applying any serum of your choice.

If you are looking to use just one product for your eyes, and you prefer serums, there is nothing better than this product.

If you are still following and are looking for the best eye cream (at least for 2017) than I urge you to keep reading. I’m going to talk about a few of the eye creams I’ve tried this year, as well as share my story behind each.

Recently, I’ve been using this eye cream.


It’s by Mimi Fontaine, and I’ve been using it for a little over two months.  At the price, you know it has the active ingredient amounts necessary to be a solid product.  (Products under $30 are more or less watered down moisture-rich creams.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Anything you find at your local drugstore is good for maintenance, but doesn’t do much for correction.)

I’ll elaborate more on my 2017 skin care routine, but today I wanted to share with you information on just what is the best eye cream of 2017.  I’ve only tried a handful, but hey, if it ain’t broke, why try to fix it, right?

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What is the Best Eye Cream of 2017?
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