What Is Face Mapping?

When you hear the word “face mapping,” does it mean anything at all to you? There are lots of people out there that believe your facial appearance isn’t just about your face. Instead, they believe that it’s the results of your organs which are not visible to the naked eye.

Today we’ve got machines that can basically show us the intricate details of our insides. Back in the day, none of that existed. What they did instead was incorporate observational studies and made diagnoses based on that. This was the way that many doctors and physicians would attempt to pinpoint issues and diseases they came across in patients.

Guess what?

Today, dermatologists and skin care specialists are taking the exact same approach. They’re using this technique in order to better read facial skin. Why they’re doing it is simple. They’re trying to quickly determine why people are developing acne flare-ups.

The technique is termed, “face mapping” and it’s one of the most common techniques that many specialists swear by. The root of this face mapping stems from Ayurvedic teaching and the concept is quite simple.

Connect areas and points on your face with an organ to know what to treat in order to clear up your face. In other words, it’s all about internal treatment for external results.

There are ten specific areas which you’ll want to know about in order to self-diagnose with face mapping techniques. Full disclosure, I’m not suggesting that you cancel your dermatologist appointments or anything of that nature. Instead, just be better informed and aware of the situation and current condition of your skin and body.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Is Face MappingFace Mapping Areas To Understand

Forehead – If you’re having acne or blemish issues on your forehead then you might want to get your liver and gall bladder checked out. You could be dealing with digestive issues, nervous system issues, and some other internal issues as well. Cut back on the processed foods for starters as well as the fat content you’re consuming.

Eyes – This one can be tricky to pinpoint. If you’re dealing with eye issues, then you might be battling some intestinal issues or thyroid issues. It’s also possible that you’re dealing with joint problems. Pay close attention to the condition of your iris and take notes of how it looks. Research from there and you’ll have a better idea what’s causing the issues.

Below Eyes – If your issue is occurring just below your eyes, then you might have some kidney functioning issues to consider. Defunct kidney function is nothing to mess with. You’ll want to get that checked out asap for sure. Assuming you’ve got puffiness and swollen lower lids, then you need to up your water intake pronto. You might need to add more spices to your food as well.

Nose – If you’re seeing blemishes on your nose it could be directly related to heart issues as well as blood issues. The nose is related to your circulatory system and if you’re breaking out then you might have high blood pressure. Start working on things internally by focusing on EFAs which are also known as essential fatty acids. Things like flax seed oil, avocado, and olive oil will help. Stay away from any and all alcohol as well.

Between Your Eyebrows – Now with this one, you’ll want to pay close attention to the location of the blemish or breakout. If it’s on the right side, then it could be liver related. Assuming you’re seeing this, then it’s time to give your liver a rest because it’s pissed off at you. Clean up your diet and stop all the toxins. If your issue is on the left side, then it could be spleen related versus liver. Either way, it’s certainly not a good sign.

Chin – Having breakout issues in your chin area? Then you’re most likely dealing with some hormonal imbalance issues and it’s definitely not going to stop until you get that addressed. There are some things that you can do immediately to help such as upping your sleep as well as your exercise levels and reducing the stress levels as much as possible.

Cheeks – Breaking out in the cheek region? You’re not alone. This has everything to do with a slowed metabolism and not getting enough nutrients. Oh, it also has something to do with lung issues at times. You’ll want to pay close attention to the condition of your skin and your breathing. If you notice any serious discoloration or shortness of breath, then please don’t wait to tackle this issue. You can start by eating more foods with folic acid and iron to see if that helps with things. Some acne may form on your cheeks as a direct result of bacteria from phones, pillows, and anything else that your cheeks come in contact with.

Lower Lip – If you’re developing spots on your lower lip region, then you’ll want to pay close attention to the area. It’s possible that you could be battling digestion or intestinal issues related to enzyme function. Kickstart things by adding in some daily probiotics to see if that clears things up. If your lips are pale looking, then you may be anemic. But if they turn blue, you might not be getting enough oxygen. Basically, any lip discoloration is a really bad sign and could be serious. Don’t wait to get help.

Tongue – Your tongue plays a role too. Strange I know but totally true. Inspect your tongue for white build-up and residue. If you see anything of the sort it could mean lung issues or toxin build up. Basically, if you see any of that, then you want to start by detoxing your body almost immediately. Eat clean, avoid drugs as well as alcohol and you’ll be much better off.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to share with you about the process of face mapping and how it can be a solid indication of a bigger issue. Don’t take this lightly. Instead, put forth the effort and stay on top of your skin. You’ll be glad that you did!

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What Is Face Mapping?
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