What Is Avobenzone

This page is especially important to those that get a lot of sunlight exposure. We’ve preached it for years how important it is to protect your skin from the sun and good thing we’ve spent so much time on this topic because it can mean life or death if not taken seriously. Which is why we’re here to discuss an ingredient known as avobenzone which does a stellar job of absorbing radiation caused by UV rays.

AvobenzoneWhy Is Avobenzone and Other Ingredients Important?

As you know, excess exposure to the sun and lead to sunburns, skin damage, melanoma, and other unpleasant things. The sun emits rays which can literally destroy skin cells that are completely healthy. It can damage collagen and cause production issues, all of which can lead to ugly sagging skin over a long period of time.

Ever taken a close look at someone’s skin who’s aged and completely neglected their body? Well, chances are they’ve got saggy skin and lots of sun spots.

Most sunscreens on the market do their part by blocking the UV rays as well as the free radicals that commonly cause damage to your skin. Avobenzone helps better absorb the UV rays so they do less damage to your skin overall.

In simple terms, this chemical helps protect your skin from UV rays. However, I’m not suggesting that you zip on over to the local pharmacy and pick up any old sunscreen that contains this ingredient. Nope, slow down hot shot! Before you go doing something like that, I want you to understand everything there is to know about this sunscreen ingredient.

The History Behind Avobenzone

This commonly used sunscreen ingredient was first patented in 1973. However, it wasn’t until 1998 that the FDA approved the use from a cosmetic perspective. As of now, the ingredient is considered by many specialists to be safe for topical application and use.

The reason that avobenzone isn’t used on its own is because it doesn’t last long enough. The effectiveness wears off rather quickly once exposed to sunlight. The common practice today is to combine this ingredient with others in order to make it more stable. Sunscreen manufacturers commonly combine this ingredient with others such as octocrylene, which help stabilize it enough to increase the effectiveness. You’ll also find that avobenzone is often used in many types of skin care products and even cosmetic products such as makeup. Do yourself a favor and check out the lip balm label in your pocket, I bet that ingredient is listed on there.

Properly Using Avobenzone

If you are using a sunscreen product that contains this ingredient it’s important that you read all the instructions and look for any warnings written on the packages. It’s pretty safe to use, but I suggest you keep it out of your eyes and mouth at all costs.

One other thing that you need to understand is that avobenzone is not waterproof and if you’re using a sunscreen that contains this ingredient, it’s important to reapply it if you’re sweating a lot or swimming. Assuming you’re going to spend time in the sun for longer than two hours, you should apply more sunscreen as well.

In the event that your skin is broken or irritated, then it’s best to not apply the sunscreen to that area.

One important thing you need to understand. If you plan on applying sunscreen containing avobenzone to kids six years of age or youngerr then think again! While it’s safe to use, it may not be the best choice for them. Also, if you are pregnant, I suggest you ask your dermatologist before using it.

Side Effects

There are some side effects that you need to know about if you plan on using this product. Avobenzone can actually become toxic if used frequently and in heavy doses. You’ll find that most sunscreens contain concentration amounts of roughly 3-5% which is a safe amount to use.

Assuming that you begin using this ingredient and you begin to develop weird skin or a bad reaction to it, then stop using it immediately. I suggest contacting your doctor if anything strange happens.

Buying Sunscreen

If you want to buy sunscreen that contains this ingredient, then I suggest you do it locally. Just head on over for the local Walgreens, CVS, Rite-aid or whatever local pharmacy you have nearby. Take a close look at the ingredient label to determine whether or not the product contains this ingredient.

Given that high concentrations can be dangerous, I encourage your to pay close attention to the concentration of avobenzone as well. Don’t be afraid to ask the pharmacist working which they personally recommend. Chances are they have more experience at picking out sunscreen than you or any of the cashiers working at the pharmacy. When in doubt, ask an expert.

What Is Avobenzone
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