What Is Aloe Vera Good For?

what is aloe vera good for
Aloe vera gel from inside the plant.

Have you ever asked yourself this one simple question, “What is aloe vera good for?” If you have, then you’re not the only curious person in the world. I asked myself the very same question not too long ago. Haven’t spent countless hours scouring the Internet for information, I finally have a good idea as to what aloe vera is good for and what it can do for your skin. Many people haven’t got a clue just how powerful this plant truly is and can be. Fear not, I’m going to cover a ton of stuff here in this article. After you complete reading it, you should have a perfect understanding of all the things that aloe vera can do for your skin.

Six Things That Aloe Vera Is Good For

Here’s a laundry list of things that you can turn to aloe vera for if you’re ever in need and have an abundance of the plant. You can use it for anyone of the things listed below.

Fresher Breath

I bet you didn’t see that coming did you! Guess what, if you happen to run out of mouthwash, it’s safe for you to use ale vera extract as an alternative. There was a study that was conducted in 2014 on the topic. It was published in an Ethiopian Health Journal (1). Supposedly, the plant has enough vitamin C which can help restrict plaque from forming.

Colon Cleanse

Aloe vera can be used to help cleanse your colon. It’s a natural laxative and has been known to help with digestion. However, I must warn you that based on the research that was conducted on rats, it’s not a very healthy way to relieve constipation. In fact, it caused tumors to form in some of the rats that consumed the whole leave extract versus those that consumed the aloe vera gel only.

Assuming you have a serious digestive condition like Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, or ulcerative colitis, you should not consume this plant. After further thought and research, I would not suggest attempting to cleanse your colon with this plant.

Produce Protector

Did you know that aloe vera can actually help keep your produce fresh? There have been a number of different studies using tomatoes as well as apples that prove that aloe vera can extend the life of produce (2)(3). This is something that many farmers, produce retailers and consumers will be happy to hear about.

Heal Burns

This is probably the most common use for aloe vera. It’s pretty much standard for people not allergic to aloe to incorporate it into their healing process if they’ve been burned. The FDA approved the use of aloe for skin burns decades ago. It was approved in the year 1959 and people have been using it ever since. Using aloe vera gel will help accelerate the healing process of your skin.

Treats Mouth Sores

If you have any cankers or sores in your mouth, then you’ll be happy to understand that aloe has been used to successfully reduce the size of ulcers in patients over a matter of seven days (4). That’s something that you can try if you have bad sores in your mouth or discomfort from ulcers or canker sores. In the event that you see no signs of improvement, then you need to seek professional help.

Better Looking Skin

What exactly does aloe do for your skin? Well, I’ll start by saying it’s really good for your skin. it helps boost your collagen levels. It also helps improve your skin elasticity over time. For example, over a period of 90 days, it looks as though 30 women saw an improvement in their elasticity and collagen production (5).

Ask A Doctor

If you think that you might be allergic to aloe, then I strongly suggest you not use it without having an allergy test being done. People have been known to have serious allergic reactions to aloe when applied in the event that they are allergic. You want to refrain from having to deal with that type of situation.

Buying Aloe

Now that you know all the awesome things that aloe can be used for I’m sure you want to know where you can purchase this plant. Well, truth be told, you can buy the gel at any local pharmacy or grocery store. If you live close by a plant store, they likely sell small aloe plants at a low cost. Your last option would be to purchase someone online via Amazon or any other giant retailer.

Well, those are some of the most well-known uses of aloe vera. Love it or hate it, I can confidently state that it’s not going away anytime soon!

What Is Aloe Vera Good For?
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