What Causes Lip Discoloration?

Many people in the world today have to battle lip discoloration day in and day out. They spend hours upon hours of their precious time researching and reading through many publications in order to determine why their lips are getting darker. What people don’t realize is that there are so many factors that can impact your lip color. Many of these factors or variables are controllable. If you want perfectly pigmented lips then you need to read this very carefully. I’m not giving away any crazy secrets here. This is all pretty basic stuff but most people simply don’t know about it nor do they adhere to it. Here’s a rundown of the different reasons why people might get dark lips.

what causes lip discoloration

Various Reasons Why People Have Lip Discoloration Issues

Let’s not waste any time and get right down to things. There are a ton of reasons why people get dark or discolored lips. I’ve laid out over a dozen of them here today. Knowing what they are should help you better remove the discoloration from your lips. I’ll start with the basics here…

Dry Outside

Your lips are not meant to lack moisture. They look far more natural when they are moist. Think of the skin on your lips like an open cut. The skin is always exposed and that’s part of the reason why it’s so easy for them to become dry in cooler climates. Mix in some smoking and you’ve got a real problem on your hands. Dry lips look dark, cracked and chapped. Simple as that. You’ve got to keep them well moisturized.


Those lip glosses and makeup products that you’ve been applying to your lips, they might be the culprit! Economical products can often do more harm than good. Sometimes they even destroy your beautiful looking lips. It typically has to do with the ingredients and chemicals that these products contain. They also have to do with a lack of care when it comes to removing the products in the evening. Some people sleep with their lipstick on and other this causes black or dark lips to form.

Too Much Sun

The sun is very powerful and excessive exposure on a regular basis can lead to discoloration. Being exposed to the sun can cause your lips and the surrounding skin to burn. On countless occasions, I’ve mentioned how important it is to protect your skin and lips from UV ray exposure. The best preventative measures you can take are to apply a lip balm that contains SPF before being exposed to the sun.


Dehydrated skin can look darker than usual. If you find yourself licking your lips constantly, then you’re probably spending too much time doing something other than drinking water. You need to consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day in order to keep your skin well hydrated. Doing so will help keep your lips moist and, as a result, they will look normal.


I can’t believe I’m even writing this, but smoking is a huge reason why people have lip discoloration. Smoking is terrible for you. It can literally cause you to die. When you smoke cigarettes or cigars, your skin begins to stink and your lips become dark and they even begin to turn brown sometimes. There’s only one way to fix this, put down the cigarettes fro good!

Poor Lifestyle

I figured this would be the perfect follow-up to the last cause. Poor lifestyle choices are a threat to your perfect looking lips. Trust me, if you start to smoke cigarettes, drink excessively, or even worse, use narcotics then you best expect lip discoloration to be a part of your future. Alcohol specifically is very acidic and it can cause black or dark spots to form on your lips.


People suffering from anemia often show discoloration of their lips. This commonly occurs when a woman is pregnant. Most of the time it’s due to an iron deficiency that exists. Basically, when this happens, your body lacks the proper amount of hemoglobin required to deliver oxygen throughout your body. This is what happens to your lips in the cold when they look blue. It’s could be related to anemia.


Hyperpigmentation of the skin can occur and it’s most commonly referred to as melasma. It’s not specifically related to your lips but it’s applicable. The issue occurs when someone has been exposed to too much sun. If you want to prevent this from occurring then I suggest you limit sun exposure without the proper use of sunscreen. Actually, just do yourself a favor and never leave your house without sunscreen.


Coffee is something that I literally can’t live without. So many others feel the same way. However, in excess, it can really do a number on our bodies. If you’re drinking more than five cups of coffee per day then you’re putting your skin and health at risk. Your lips will eventually become very dark as will your teeth. They may become stained even.


Another factor that can have an impact on things is eating poorly. If you don’t maintain a balanced diet, it can lead to lip damage. That holds true especially for those that suffer from eating disorders. If you’re the type of vomit your food up after eating, then your lips may become damaged from the stomach acid. The first thing to do is get help if you do have an eating disorder. The second thing to do is to start consuming plenty of water, fruits, and veggies. This will help you keep your skin and lips looking nice and bright.

Take An Inventory

If you feel as though your lips are turning colors, then it’s best to take an inventory of each of the factors that I’ve gone over. Taking an inventory will allow you to better assess the situation and determine which of the specific factors attribute to your lip discoloration. Once you’ve been able to identify the underlying issue, you can then make whatever adjustments are necessary. Good luck!

What Causes Lip Discoloration?
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