What Causes Dry Skin All Over Your Body?


As the winter months roll around, people tend to develop dry skin issues. Dealing with dry skin can be annoying and even painful at times. Many people have issues with this condition and more often than not, they haven’t got a clue how or why they’re having to deal with this. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with our skin and the many issues that go along with it. There is literally no getting around it.

Your skin is here to stay, but it doesn’t have to be dry!

What you need to do is put forth the effort if you want to keep your skin from getting dry and rough. These simple tips should help but first, you need to learn what causes the dryness to develop.

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Five Main Causes Of Dry Skin

While there are plenty of products out there on the market which can repair dry skin, you need to know what causes it to form before going into attack mode. Here are the main causes to consider when evaluating your skin.

Soaps That Are Harsh

Not all soaps are created equal and many are downright harsh. It’s quite possible that some of your soaps, shampoos, and other products are just too harsh. Skin care amateurs won’t ever think of this but it’s true. Some products may be doing more damage than good. They can weaken your skin barrier and even damage the pH levels of your skin. Do yourself a favor and stay away from soaps that contain a lot of salt.

Too Much Exfoliating

Lots of people love to exfoliate using expensive products in the comfort of their own home. While indulging in exfoliating treatments might seem like a good idea, it’s possible that you’re overdoing it. Excessively exfoliating your skin can cause lots of skin problems. Your skin can become dry and rough. In the event that you’ve overindulged in exfoliating tactics then you need to up your moisturizing.

Bypassing Night Routines

There are morning and evening skin care routines. Those that skip their nighttime routines have settled for laziness and eventually dry skin. It’s typically the avoiding of the moisturizing that causes the dry skin. If you think you do not have time for it, you can always opt for an ointment spray. This is a quick way to moisturize your skin in a jiffy. I’m talking literally within seconds. Doing so helps create a nice protective barrier that locks in the hydration for the entire night.

Cold Temperatures

Did you know that cold temperatures can cause your skin to become dry? Things get much worse when your skin is already dehydrated. You’ll want to be sure to apply the body ointment spray mentioned above or a high-quality moisturizer meant for nighttime use. You should also start using a humidifier to increase the humidity levels in the air.

Showering Too Hot

Taking long hot showers will suck the moisture right out of you skin. As enjoyable as it truly is, taking hot showers are just horrible for your skin. The best way to shower is to limit the temperature to luke warm instead of making it super hot.

What about products?

Well, if you want to learn about the various products that can improve your skin, then I suggest you read this product. Assuming you’re looking to learn more about dry skin in general, then check out this related article here as well.

Whatever you do, be sure to take some action before it gets too cold and winter kicks into high gear.

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What Causes Dry Skin All Over Your Body?
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