What Causes Dead Skin Cells?


Dead skin cells are a pain in the neck, along with being a pain in the face and just about every other location on your body. It’s perhaps the most common skin condition and concern that millions of Americans are dealing with daily. There are two things that people ultimately want to do. They want to get rid of the dead skin cells and they want to find a way to prevent them from building up.

But what the heck causes these dead skin cells to build up? You’ll soon find out!

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Four Things That Cause Dead Skin Cells To Build Up

Let me kick things off by sharing what dead skin cells are. To keep things simple, I’ll just say that they are skin cells which have reached the outer layer of your skin. These skin cells shed once they reach this layer and they go through what’s known as desquamation. During this process, unfortunately, sometimes skin cells are unable to shed. This results in skin cells building up. There are reasons why this happens and I’m going to share all of them right now.

It sounds strange but getting older is actually one of the causes of dead skin cell build up. As we get older, the process of shedding dead skin cells slows down quite a bit. It’s because as we age, the skin tends to produce less oil and believe it or not, that causes dry skin and dead skin cells to build up. That’s not the only issue here though. You must also hold yourself accountable here.

That brings me to the next reason why dead skin cell build up occurs. It may be related to the way that you’re cleansing your skin. If you’re not properly cleansing your skin, then you may find yourself with unwanted dead skin cells all over the surface of your skin. Not cleansing properly typically leads to excess oil getting blocked up or makeup building up, or even other product build up. This poor cleansing process causes things to clog up just like an accident on the interstate.

The climate may play a role in your dead skin cell build up. The external environment plays a bigger role than we’d like to admit. The dry climate is often the culprit of dead skin cell build up and it’s due to the lack of humidity in the air. Be sure to use moisturizers in order to keep your skin free from dead skin build up.

Let me ask you a question, are you exfoliating? If not, then that might be the problem. As we age, the skin shedding process slows down quite a bit. Incorporating some exfoliating into your routine can help boost the desquamation process. My advice is to use a scrub or even a brush to help loosen the dead skin cells. Make sure you find a product that contains glycolic acid as it further assists with the shedding process.

As for products, you can work in a number of different types of products to help fight the build-up of skin cells. The sky is the limit here really. Think exfoliators, micro peels, astringents, scrubs and other types of skin products. The important thing here is that you take action here.

As for specific products, you might want to give the La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Astringent a shot. It’s a solid toner that contains something known as salicylic acid. If you’re dealing with pore issues and texture problems, then this might be the answer. You may want to start working in the Clarisonic brush into your routine as well. I’d suggest using this at least once a week as it might help remove the dead skin cells quicker than traditional cleansing. Either that or you can try to use the Foreo Luna device which is top notch as well.

What Causes Dead Skin Cells?
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