What Causes Dark Nipples?

A strange but common question that we get asked more frequently than one would imagine. If you’ve ever taken a look in the mirror at your chest and you’ve found that your nipples appear extra dark, then you’re not alone. Lots of people are dealing with dark nipples, so much that I think there’s a dark nipple crisis on the horizon! All joking aside, it’s a common issue and today I’m going to share how one can successfully lighten them.

But first, I want you to know that if your nipples are dark and you’re in a panic about it, just STOP. There is nothing to be worried about (most likely).

As far as nipple color goes, there’s a healthy connection between our skin color and the color of our nipples. Assuming that you have relatively fair skin, then you’ve likely got pinkish nipples. If your skin is on the darker side, then you might have darker or brownish colored nipples. The circle area of the out nipple region is known as the areolas region.

Before diving in head first into your chest (pun intended), I’m going to share some information about your nipples that you must know. Aerolas coloring varies from person to person and the coloring can change when sexually aroused even. Nipples and areolas may become darker as you become more sexually stimulated. Another fun fact about nipples is that they are not the same in size and color. Your nipples might vary in color and size. If yours look darker than you’d like then you might want to look into using a skin lightener.

If you notice that your nipples look darker than you’d like, then I suggest you keep reading to determine what the cause of it all might be. There are a few reasons why this might be occurring.

what causes dark nipplesReasons Dark Nipples Commonly Occur

These are not all the reasons but some of the more common reasons that your nipples may become darker than wanted. Don’t worry, there’s a solution at the end of this article so just keep reading.

Becoming Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, then that might be one of the major reasons why you’ve got dark nipples. This darkening is very common amongst almost all pregnant women during the pregnancy. Additionally, it’s common for them to so darker skin signs in the facial area as well as the eye region.

The darkening of the nipples tends to occur in pregnant women almost right away (within a couple of weeks post conception). The main reason this occurs is due to pregnancy and the hormones rampant during this time.

Do not be alarmed if your nipples become dark while pregnant. It’s actually a good sign and it means everything is going well with your pregnancy. You’ll likely notice that the areolas will remain dark even up to the point of delivery. Once you deliver the baby, your areolas natural coloring will return. However, it’s common for nipples to remain dark. When that happens you can use a skin lightening cream to help reverse the darkening.

Hair Growth Around Nipples

Women typically do not have hairs on the outer areas of their areolas, but some do. Some women grow hairs that almost slightly resemble eyelashes. These hairs can cause your nipples to look dark at times. Some women simply pluck them while others choose to epilate them. It’s really your choice how you treat the condition.

Going Through Puberty

If you’re going through puberty, then you can expect your nipples to change colors. Females go through a phase at a young age where they begin to have their period and their breasts start to grow. This all causes nipples and areolas to become darker. Don’t worry, once you get past this stage, your nipples should go back to the normal color.


You know what, getting old sucks and aging is just another reason why dark nipples tend to occur. As we get older, our bodies change and the color of our skin changes as well. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dark nipples, they’re all things we can look forward to as we get older.

After Giving Birth

Giving birth is extremely intense and taxing on the body. When you do, your nipples will likely stay dark for a period of time after. If you plan on breastfeeding, then best to plan on having dark nipples for the duration of the breastfeeding.

Is It Easy To Lighten Your Nipples?

Absolutely. There’s a pretty easy way to accomplish this and it’s through the use of tried and true products. I’d suggest giving something that contains medical strength qualities, but first, speak with your dermatologist before you apply anything to your skin.

The reason it’s so important that you do so is that there are products out there that can harm your baby. For example, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you do not want to use any products without getting the okay from the doctor!

There are actually lots of products on the market today that claim to help reduce the color in your areolas and nipple region. I’m not saying that they all work, but you’ll want to look into all of them before using one. Knowing what your options are is super important and something that many people often put off. I’m a huge advocate of doing more research than necessary and eventually choosing a product based on that.

As for the product options to consider, one might consider the Medical Grade Hydroquinone Rapid Skin Lightener by SkinPro. This is a brand that we’ve praised in the past because their products simply work great. My advice would be to give this a shot before all others.

Another product you might consider is the South Beach Skin Lightening Gel which is commonly applied by consumers to sensitive areas of their skin. I can’t make any promises that this is going to work flawlessly but it’s a product worth checking out.

If you have any questions about this topic, please be sure to reach out to us about it!

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What Causes Dark Nipples?
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