Wen Hair Care Reviews

If you’ve ever stayed up late watching television, then there’s a good chance that you’ve come across a WEN Hair Care infomercial or two. It’s that crazy commercial that shows some sad woman with worn out looking hair in shot one and then minutes after using WEN, she looks like a supermodel. I’m not here to bash this product completely. I mean, I think it’s important that people give every healthy and beauty product it’s fair chance. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on this product, what I’ve learned investigating the brand, and what lots of consumers seem to have to say about the product. I’ll start with a basic company overview before diving into the products and the WEN consumer reviews.
wen hair care reviews

WEN Hair Care Products And Company Info

WEN is a hair care product line that was created by Chaz Dean. What you probably didn’t know was that Chaz Dean started out in the industry working as an assistant in an LA salon. He seemed to have worked really hard to morph into a stylist, salon owner and now a hair stylist to some famous celebs.

Chaz Dean went from salon owner to product owner. He developed a cleansing conditioner concept that seemed to really pave the path to his product launch success. His high profile celebrity work in the 1990s injunction with using his own formulas helped set him apart from the pack. According to his personal website, Chaz hasn’t used a single shampoo on himself or any of his clients since 1993. His WEN product line does is said to be free of sodium laurel sulfate and other detergents that can damage your hair.

Let me give you some insight into the different types of products that WEN manufactures and markets on various TV networks as well as retail stores.

The WEN Cleansing Condition is one of the popular products that’s marketed as a five in one hair treatment without the nasty chemicals. The product claims to help reduce the presence of frizz while adding shine and color.

Another product is the Wen Anti-Frizz Styling Creme. This is a styling product that’s said to help strengthen and restore shine and softness to your skin.

The next product is known as the Nourishing Mousse, which has been recently reformulated by Chaz. The product has been created to help give it some volume and boost all while remaining lightweight.

If you have issues with keeping your hair straight, then you might want to try out the Straightening Smoothing Gloss. This product contains essential oils such as grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, and argan oil. All of which are said to help quickly absorb the nutrients used to help condition the hair and give it a crazy shine.

The last product I’m going to cover is the Replenishing Treatment Mist. This WEN product is described to work similar to a leave-in conditioner. The helps keep your hair light with volume and lots of body.

Now, you’ll get all those products if you purchase the WEN Deluxe Hair Kit for $39.95. If you want the basic hair kit, it’s going to cost you $29.95, which includes the Cleansing Conditioner, Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and Nourishing Mousse.

WEN will then rebill you for $39.95 four weeks after your initial order. They will continue to bill you twelve weeks later. If you chose to cancel, then you need to call the company.

WEN Hair Care Lawsuit

Some consumers are not all that impressed with Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean. In fact, 200 women across 40 states have filed a class action suit stating that using the product resulted in hair loss. On October 31, 2016, a judge in L.A. approved a $26.3 million dollar settlement. According to an article published, women that used the WEN cleansing condition had severe reactions which led to hair loss, balding, rashes and more.

To give you an idea on the overall consumer opinion on the product, we turn to a site called Pissed Consumer. The claims on this product are unbelievable. I mean, more than 40 people reported hair loss. There were over $400,000 in losses reported on this third-party website alone.

I took a few minutes to read some of the reviews posted on the Pissed Consumer website and it’s clearly evident just how pissed people really are with Chaz Dean and WEN Hair Care. So many users reported that they lost self-confidence due to hair loss. Some even mentioned that they needed to use anti hair loss shampoo as a result of using the products.

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Credit: Courtesy of PissedConsumer.com

Others reported terrible burning sensations and scalp pain. It’s just too much to hear. I’ve heard so many negative responses from consumers that it’s literally impossible for me to confidently recommend that anyone try out this product, even once.

My suggestion to you and other individuals interested in using WEN is to read all the reviews before you make any purchase. addition to that, I would strongly suggest that you bring this product to your dermatologist or physician before using it. Let them read each of the active ingredients and ask them specifically if they are familiar with any of them.

Wen Hair Care Reviews
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