Welleco Founder Elle Macpherson Shares Five Summer Skin Tips


When a woman like Elle Macpherson gives advice, you take the time to absorb it and put it to good use! The Welleco founder met with a well-known publisher and she shared some of her summertime skin care secrets. She’s got a great checklist that you should take notes on if you want to have fabulous looking skin like her. As you know, I have a love for natural and organic skin care products and my skin is ultra sensitive so when I came across this information I knew it was too good to not share with you all.

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Elle Macpherson Summertime Skin Tips

Now, some of these tips may not seem that exciting and I’m the first to admit it here but gosh darn it they work like gangbusters and Elle knows what she’s talking about. After all, she does have some of the best skin shown on the big screen.

More Sleepy Time
Elle Macpherson swears by the power of sleep. She never skimps on it and never underestimates the power it can have, especially on your skin. Apparently, sleep has become one of those utmost essentials that she never lacks, always giving her body at least seven hours of ample rest time per day.

I know that some of the other Skincare.net authors have written about this but I’m going to mention it again because Elle Macpherson believes in its importance. Sunscreen matters and although Elle admits to not always protecting her skin in the past, she thinks it’s uber important today. She wears SPF 50+ and prefers a brand called Invisible Zinc. She never leaves home without it. You shouldn’t either.

Elle doesn’t wear that much makeup. Why would she right, she’s flawless as is. However, she does use a concealer when necessary. This allows her to cover any blemishes that might pop up unexpectedly without subjecting herself to any harsh chemicals and unnatural ingredients, YUCK! That’s why she uses a product known as RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up.

Elle Macpherson seems to believe more in “wellness” more than “beauty” and I think that’s quite common these days. Anyway, in order to maintain well-looking skin, you must exfoliate. Stripping the dead flaky skin is something that you can’t go an extended period of time without doing. Elle exfoliates in the shower daily. She does so in the evening and you should as well.

Hydrate Your Body
Okay, I can’t stress this enough and apparently neither can Elle. Great minds think alike and at least I’ve got that in common with her! She believes in hydrating to keep your skin clear and healthy. That means drinking plenty of water every single day.

Well, as you can see, Elle Macpherson has some fantastic tips and I have to agree with her on them. Keep it natural, pure and live as well as possible! Make it a wonderful day everyone and I want to say a very special thanks to Wellandgood.com for providing some of this wonderful information.

Welleco Founder Elle Macpherson Shares Five Summer Skin Tips
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