Weird Skin Products For Sale Online In 2017


It’s not uncommon to start browsing the Internet and come across some strange stuff. It’s almost a given that you’ve going to end up finding a product or service that leaves you either scratching your head or jaw dropped. Well, skin care is no exception to this rule. There are plenty of products out there that are weirder than ever in this industry. Some have strange names while others incorporate strange ingredients and some do both. Here’s a rundown of some of the weirdest products on the market today.

201 Weird Skin Products For Sale
Ongaro Probiotic Facial Masque

Super Weird Skin Products of 2017

While some of these products may sound weird, their ingredients may be quite common. Some products may sound normal yet they’ve got the weirdest ingredients you can possibly think of. Here’s a rundown of today’s strangest skin products on the market today.

Bubbling Clay Mask

One of the few strange products on the market today is made by a company called KBeauty Naturals. They have a Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that makes you feel like you’ve got Pop Rocks on your face! The mask is said to feel super tingly but I guess it cleans your skin as deep as can be. You’re left with soft skin and a smile on your face. The bubbling clay mask can be bought on Amazon for $10.

Bio Placenta Serum

The SkinPro company created a Bio Placenta serum that’s pretty similar to human placenta! The company has created a formula which incorporates the use of five peptides, one of which is Argireline which is comparable to Botox without the needle pricking. Users are raving over this so it’s gotta be good. You can pick this up for $44 on

Snail Repair Cream

Skin repair creams containing snail are all the rage! Yes, you heard that correctly, I said snail. The Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream contains snail extract and it’s said to help with acne and hyperpigmentation issues. If you’re not too scared to try out cream containing snail extract, then give this one a shot. It only costs $14 on Amazon and for that price, it’s worth trying something weird.

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Healing Clay

The company behind that Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay considers their product to be the “World’s Most Powerful Facial” cleansing product. There are thousands of Amazon buyers that agree with this company and their slogan. The weird secret to this is healing clay also known as calcium bentonite clay. Don’t let the old-school logo and packaging deter you from using this. For only $10 and an easy purchase on Amazon, what do you have to lose here? We actually mentioned this ingredient in the Cupcake Face Mask recipe recently published.

Facial Charcoal

It sounds weird to rub charcoal on your face, but this might be a great way to exfoliate your skin. The Binchotan Charcoal Facial Puff helps cleanse your skin and it only contains the simplest of ingredients which are all natural. It’ll cost you a cool $17 but you’ll get the benefit of the charcoal and konjac which are both really great for your skin.

Ice Roller

When you don’t have time to hit the spa for a treatment or pour yourself a cucumber ice facial, there’s always the ice roller. The Esarora Ice Roller For Face helps improve your circulation, reduce puffy eyes and remove dark circles from your undereye region. It’s a $12 product on Amazon that’s worth the cost. Who doesn’t enjoy an ice facial? If you haven’t had one then you’re missing out!

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Black Currant Eye Cream

This retinol cream is meant to help reduce the presence of eye bags and we can all do away with those right? This weird product is called Farmer’s Daughter Black Currant Latte Retinol Eye Cream and it’s said to work perfectly for users with all types of skin. While we can’t verify the effectiveness of this product, the name alone has us interested. Pick one up for $36 on today.

Probiotic Face Mask

We’ve all heard of taking probiotics to improve our digestive system, but I’m guessing you’ve not heard of using it on your face. The Ongaro Probiotic Facial Masque incorporates the use of Brazilian clay which contains probiotics and peptides, leaving your skin looking perfect. Just kidding, I don’t know how great it’s going to leave your skin looking, but it’s weird enough for us to mention! Try it out for $32 on Amazon today!

Well, that should give you plenty of options in terms of weird skin products to buy during your next beauty shopping spree. Let me know how things go and which products you prefer most.

Weird Skin Products For Sale Online In 2017
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