Weird Skin Facts That’ll Freak You Out


Some days I prefer to just share some weird skin facts. Today is one of those days! These facts probably won’t save your life, but they are weird as ever and you’ll want to know them.

5 Weird Skin Facts To Know

Some crazy weird skin facts that’ll drive you bonkers. Enjoy them…

american psycho peel off skin mask

Guess what your largest organ is? That’s right, it’s your skin! The average adult has skin that equates to 5 kilograms in weight on their body. Covering two square meters or roughly 23 feet.

layers of skin

There’s a ton of stuff going on in your skin. It’s made up of a bunch of stuff that you have no idea exists. Isn’t that mind boggling? You’re probably familiar with what is known as the epidermis. Below that is when it gets interesting.

skin peeling from sunburn

There’s a technical term for skin peeling, it’s called desquamation. This is what happens when you abuse your skin and don’t wear any sunscreen. Don’t be that guy or girl. Just don’t!

whitehead and blackhead photos
Credit: staff; Creative Commons

Blackheads on the face occur when your glands become filled with sebum and dead skin. It sounds gross and weird but it’s true. What you also may not have known is that the blackhead turns black due to being exposed to the air.  (Related article, here is how to get rid of blackheads while you sleep.)

eyelid skin thickness

The thickness of your skin varies from person to person. It’s possible that your skin is as thin as 0.05 millimeters which is almost as thin as the skin on your eyelids.

I know what you’re thinking, these facts are weird and they are completely useless, right? WRONG! Knowing facts isn’t useless unless you’re not using them to your advantage. Every fact that I come across, I try my best to determine how what I’ve just learned can benefit me in the long run. Even knowing weird skin facts can make you want to protect your skin more than you already do.

Weird Skin Facts That’ll Freak You Out
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