Weird Skin Diseases

If you live in the United States then most likely you may never see some of these weird skin diseases that I’m about to share with you. Those with beautiful and healthy looking skin should feel blessed and appreciate what condition their bodies are in. Reason being, some people have to deal with strange skin diseases that make them look deformed. These various diseases can have a significant impact on your life if you have to deal with on or more of them.

WARNING: The images you are about to see below may be disturbing to some. Please click back to the homepage if you wish to not view them. 

Take a moment to educate yourself on some of the oddest and most rare skin diseases known to man!

7 Weird Skin Diseases You Didn’t Know Existed

This page is chock full of strange skin diseases that you most likely never even knew existed. Some of these are so rare that less than 100 cases have ever been confirmed. Make no mistake, even though these may be extremely rare conditions, there are scientists and doctors all over the world researching them. The stranger the skin disease, the most intrigued some physicians may be to determine the underlying cause and develop a cure or solution to the problem.

Hypertrichosis (Ambras syndrome)

I’ll start with a condition known as hypertrichosis. If you grew up in the 1980s then you most likely watched Teen Werewolf. Well, that’s basically what this condition does to you. No, it doesn’t turn you into a werewolf but it does make you excessively hairy. The condition is known as hypertrichosis and is more commonly referred to as werewolf syndrome.

People that have this condition grow excessive amounts of hair in places where most people don’t grow hair. They literally grow hair all over their entire face and body. Some people that have this condition try and shave but it only grows back thicker. This weird disease is said to be caused by a genetic mutation on a chromosome (8q). It’s so rare that literally only 1 in a billion people have ever been diagnosed with having this disease.

Here is a picture of two individuals that suffer from hypertrichosis.

Hypertrichosis weird skin diseases

Argyria (Blue Face)

Another weird and uncommon condition is known as Argyria. If you’ve seen the Blue Man Group then you would think that an individual with this skin condition was in the group. No, I’m not poking fun at people. I’m simply making a reference to how blue someone’s skin can be if they have this condition.

Individuals that ingest an excessive amount of silver salts can end up with this skin condition at some point in their lifetime. The condition leaves a person’s skin with grey-blue tint. The cause of the condition is strictly contact or ingestion of silver particles. For example, individuals that work in mining or manufacturing may come in contact with this substance.

Is the condition curable? Not to the best of my knowledge but it can be treated. Individuals with Argyria have gone through skin depigmentation processes where they take medication to remove the blue areas of their skin. Unfortunately, the medication doesn’t work all that well for most patients.

Argyria Paul Karason weird skin disease
Paul Karason who suffers from Argyria

Cutaneous Horns

This weird skin condition is something you don’t see every day! The condition is known as cutaneous horns and they are extremely rare. The horns are actually keratinous skin tumors which can develop on your body. For the most part, these cutaneous horns remain small and typically are not cancerous. However, on certain occasions such as that shown below, they can grow to be pretty large.

As scary as it sounds, scientists and doctors have not determined the exact cause of cutaneous horn growth. It’s been said that the condition can come about due to excessive exposure to radiation. I know, it seems strange that weird skin diseases would come about due to treating another issue but it’s true.

Treating this condition is rather simple. It is literally a horn and is made up of the same material that your fingernails are made of. The keratin horn can be removed by simply cutting it off with a razor. However, that only helps remove the horn itself. It does not prevent it from growing back. Most of the time that requires addition surgery or even chemotherapy.

Cutaneous Horn weird skin disease
Cornu Cutaneum


Let me start by saying that I’ve written about this condition before but I felt it was appropriate to say again. The condition known as vitiligo is a rare condition that results in the loss of brown or dark pigment in the skin. This condition typically affects various areas of the skin and as a result, you are left with white patches all over your body.

This skin condition can affect roughly 1 in 100 people here in the United States (roughly one percent of the world population). If you’re wondering how or why this occurs, it’s due to the destruction of cells within your body. Immune cells literally destroy cells that are responsible for producing the brown or dark pigment in your skin.

This condition can be difficult to live with. People with the condition often prefer to seclude themselves from the rest of the world. Sure, there are creams and treatments that can be done, known as photochemotherapy. People that suffer from this disease often apply a drug to their skin in an attempt to help fade the skin to better match the depigmented portions of their skin.

Vitiligo skin disease
Watch a video on this condition.

Harlequin Ichthyosis

This next weird skin disease is known as harlequin ichthyosis and it’s a very rare genetic disorder. The condition is extreme and severe. Individuals that have this disorder typically have extra thick skin that contains very deep cracks within the skin. This skin disorder can have an impact on the shape of one’s face, the features, and can also impact the mobility of arms and legs.

Harlequin ichthyosis is a very serious condition that can be life-threatening to infants. The condition makes it rather difficult to fight off infection and control temperatures in babies. It is common for infants to come down with an infection weeks after birth that’s life threatening.

In fact, it was so serious that it was rare for infants to even survive. However, treatment has since improved and has provided a chance for newborns battling this condition.

Harlequin ichthyosis skin disease
Click here to watch a video of a teen suffering from this condition

Lamellar Ichthyosis

This is one of the few weird skin diseases that 1 in 200,000 people in the United States might get. It’s known as lamellar ichthyosis and those that have it are born with it. The condition creates a tight sheath that literally covers your skin. Once the patient sheds the sheath, they are left with scaly looking skin. The scales can become rather large and dark. An individual with this condition is easy to spot among a crowd of people.

Below is an image of an individual with the condition. The image shows what an older individual’s skin might look like as they age.

lamellar ichthyosis
Aged man suffering from lamellar ichthyosis

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

This might be the top ranked when it comes to weird skin diseases that exist today. The disease is called epidermodysplasia verruciformis and it’s a condition that is extremely rare. An individual became famous over the years and was known as the “tree man” due to his rare condition. He’s since died of health problems. We’ve covered his entire story here on this page. Below you will find an image of the “tree man.”

Tree Man Disease
This man is commonly referred to as “Tree Man.”

If there are any other weird skin diseases that you come across, please contact us and share them with us. We’d like to do our research on them to spread awareness across the world.

Weird Skin Diseases
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