Weird Face Masks Worth Trying, If You’re Daring Enough!


You know that we love weird things over here at headquarters. Before you go judging us now, I want you to think about incorporating some of these face masks into your routine. Who knows, you might find something that changes your life forever. Well, maybe not but it could happen!

Weird Face Masks

A Few Weird Face Masks That Seem To Be Trending

Skin care is all about consistency and using the right products as well as supplements. Not to mention, your health game as to be on point too. Here are some skin care masks that people are starting to incorporate on a regular basis these days. Don’t knock ’em before you try them!

Bubble Mask

Some people prefer to use face masks that contain blood and snail slime, while others use bubble masks to help remove all that extra dirt deep within their pores. No doubt about it, when using this you’re going to look like the marshmallow man, but that’s the fun that comes along with it!

Self-Heating Mask

Every applied a black self-heating mask to your face? Banila Co has created The Blacks heating gel mask. This mask contains some wild ingredients such as jojoba oil, volcanic ash, and more. The mask itself is known to help improve your circulation. If you’ve got oily skin that tends to acquire acne, then you most definitely need this!

Rubber Mask

Sounds like a fetish of some sort but I ensure you it’s not, lol. The Dr.Jart+ Rubber Mask is a powdered mask that you literally create yourself. All it requires is that you mix it with water. The blue rubberized sheet mask will help hydrate your skin if you leave it on your face for 15 minutes or so. The Vitamin E and C will replenish your skin in no time.

The girl in the video below went as far as trying it out. See what she did as well as what she had to say about it all.

Collagen Face Mask

I’ve mentioned many times how important it is to use collagen masks. This one is actually pretty popular and one to consider on a weekly basis. You can pick up a collagen mask at almost any Sephora or Nordstrom counter.

LED Mask

This one is my favorite. It’s the LED light therapy mask and it’s so popular that even Jessica Alba wears one. This mask is an anti aging mask that prevents the formation of acne via LED lights. However, you’ll want to definitely speak to a local dermatologist before trying this out.

Anyway, those are all the masks that our staff is in the process of trying. We recommend that you give one or two of them a shot this week!

Weird Face Masks Worth Trying, If You’re Daring Enough!
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