Are Wearables A Result Of Skin Disorders?


Skin disorders are quite common these days and the aging of our skin is likely one of the more common problems when it comes to perfect skin. Wearables are now helping us solve these problems.

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Wearables Market Set To Grow

According to a press release that was recently published, the growing concern of skin aging and the factors associated with the aging process have caused major corporations to enter the wearable tech market. They have done so in an attempt to better control the aging process. Wearable anti aging products may be part of the solution to slowing down the process.

The skin care devices market, although still at a very early stage, is said to be one that we are likely to see “exponential growth in demand in the near future,” according to Transparency Market Research.

As of now, there are two major companies that have already launched products within the market. One of which is the beauty giant, L’Oreal. With the recent release of My UV Patch, a patch that detects UV exposure, they’ve wasted no time in taking to market with an innovative anti aging idea. This made heads turn at the CES Show this past January and I’d be willing to be that we’ll be seeing more wearables from L’Oreal in the near future as well.

There are already other anti aging wearables that have it the market such as the World’s First Connected Beauty Mask by Wired Beauty. The mask is said to come equipped with sensors that measure hydration levels in real-time with the help of an app. The official name of the device is MAPO.

I’m extremely interested to see what other types of wearables other players in the skin care industry plan on introducing to the market. My guess is that we will soon be seeing more wearables than we can even afford to purchase. The rise will be drastic and I’m willing to guess that wearables will at one point no longer be a choice but a necessity for those that want to achieve and maintain perfect skin.

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Are Wearables A Result Of Skin Disorders?
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