We Wish We Could Tell Our Younger Selves This About Our Skin


There are plenty of things that we wish we could tell our younger selves about our skin. More often than not, it’s simply too late. If we could go back in time I’m pretty certain each one of us would tell our younger selves a thing or two about caring for our skin. In fact, I bet you’d slap the younger you in the head to get your own attention if necessary! Anything for better, healthier skin tomorrow!

tell your younger selves about skin care

A Few Things We’d Tell How Younger Selves About Skin Care

This is a short list but it’s very relatable. I’d be willing to guess that you would agree with 90% of the things I’m about to post. Especially if you’re female!

Use Sunscreen Every Damn Day

every day sunscreen

You want clear skin then you better wear sunscreen every single day. I don’t want to hear any excuses about not having any. None of that nonsense is worthy enough.

Wash Your Face Even After Party Nights

party is over

If you know how to party then you better know how important it is to wash your face after partying your face off! Late nights or not, respect the skin young one!

Stay Away From Botox As Long As Possible

say no to botox

Once you start you just can’t stop. I hear it’s addicting and it’s necessary to keep it up so stay the heck away from it as long as possible.

Put Down The Candy Bar, Eat A Salad!

no more candy

Candy is terrible for your body, skin and it really isn’t good for anything. In fact, you’d be better off taking that sugar and rubbing it on your body instead. Try that out for a change or make a DIY skin scrub instead of eating that crap.

Workout But Wash Up Quickly

shower after workout

Shower immediately after your workout unless you like smelling bad, clogging your pores and potentially ruining your perfect looking skin for the rest of your life. The choice is yours really.

Drink More Water, Less Booze

drink less booze

Alcohol is terrible for you and it makes you look old. Sure, you look cool now because you’re young but when you are 25 you’re going to look like you are 45 and have been drinking martinis for years posted up at the bar. Save the money, calories and your liver.

Sleep More or Grow Old Faster…Your Call!

go to sleep

If you want to look young you need to sleep. Stop spending nights chasing people around trying to meet someone that you’re not going to care about next week. Unless you want to look old and ugly at the ripe age of 30.

Spend Money On Your Skin Not Your Clothes

spend money on skincare

No one is going to care what you’re wearing if you have horrible skin. Get that in check first and under control then start spending money on clothes and accessories. You only have one skin. You have a hundred skirts, so spend wisely.

That should get you thinking for the day! Have a fantastic Tuesday and cheers to great looking skin!

We Wish We Could Tell Our Younger Selves This About Our Skin
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