Ways To Get Younger Looking Hands


Take a close look at every individual’s hands that you come across over the next 24 hours. Tell me they don’t scream their age? Look, it’s a known fact that as we age, our hands begin to look older and often more unattractive. The good news is that this is something that you can easily avoid or at least prolong at a minimum. I’ll tell you what I typically recommend readers do on a daily basis if they want younger looking hands.

younger looking hands
Credit: Zoolander 1 (2001)

Ways To Keep Your Hands Looking Nice And Young

Let’s skip all the nonsense and cut right to the chase. You want younger looking hands and you’re willing to work towards achieving them. Great, then we have the important part covered. Now, all you need to know is what to do exactly. Here’s a rundown of things I suggest you do daily to have your hands looking better than that hand model in Zoolander.

Wear Sunscreen

Sun exposure is a major reason why people’s hands start to look discolored and old. The UV rays damage your skin over the years and spots will begin to form if you’re not careful. To prevent this from happening, I strongly suggest that you wear sunscreen on your hands every single day. A little can do a lot of good, trust me.


If you have sun spots or skin discoloration already forming, then you need to handle that right away. The most common approach is to apply a cream that contains retinoids and vitamin C. This will encourage new cells to grow and it will help remove layers of your skin damaged. New skin means a new look.


Some people turn to laser treatment in order to get rid of these age spots. You can decide to go with a Fraxel treatment at your dermatologist office if you want to kick start things and reverse the aging process quicker.


Dry and dehydrated skin looks old. Whether you’re using a moisturizer on a daily basis or not, your skin requires one that contains an ingredient known as dimethicone. This will help seal in the moisture and keep your skin well-hydrated.

Calluses Gotta Go

If you find that you’re getting calluses from working out too excessively, then you need to wear gloves when doing so. If you’ve got calluses already, then you need to start applying something to them that contains salicylic acid. Be sure to use something abrasive to help get rid of the calluses in general.

Those are some simple tips for you and anyone else that might have hands looking older than dirt. You can reverse this aging process or at least slow it down if you do as I’ve suggested. Good luck!

Here’s a clip from Zoolander of the hand model scene. It’s a classic!

Ways To Get Younger Looking Hands
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