Watermelon Is The Summer Seasonal Korean Skin Care Ingredient


You know it’s just like us to share the “latest and greatest” when it comes to products, ingredients, and basically, ll things trending that are skin related.

If you’re looking for a new ingredient to try out, then you might want to think about giving watermelon a shot. It’s legit the most popular ingredient out there today in terms of DIY Korean skin care.

Watermelon Korean Skin Care Ingredient

Watermelon Is Trending In Korean Skin Care Now

I bet you didn’t know that watermelon is the most popular fruit in Korea. There’s a specific reason why watermelon is such a hot ingredient today and it all boils down to what’s in it and what all that stuff does to your skin. For example, did you know that watermelon was 92% water? It’s also loaded with vitamin B6, vitamin C, amino acids, vitamin A, and last but not least lycopene.

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Watermelon is filled with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and hydrate your skin better than most ingredients out there.

If you’re wondering what type of DIY treatments are out there that you can try, then I’ve got one to share. While I can’t take the credit for it, I can do my best to share it with you. Based on an article I recently read, I learned that incorporating watermelon into your routine could be as simple as grating watermelon rind into very thin slices and put it on your face. If you’ve had too much exposure to the sun and you want to recoup your skin back to health, then give that a try and see how it impacts things.

Assuming you choose to not take the do it yourself route, you’ve got plenty of other options out there. For example, there’s a brand called Glow Recipe that makes products containing watermelon. They have a Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask that’s supposed to be pretty effective. I don’t know anyone that’s personally used this but it seems to be trending pretty hard these days.

If your plan is to use a commercially manufactured ingredient, then what really matters most is the way the product was created. How the fruit used specifically to create the skin care product and how it was done matters. Was it done so in a manner that allows it to retain the powerful properties? If not, then it’s not as effective.

If you’re interested in finding out what this trend is all about, then I suggest sticking around because I’ll be sharing more products with you that contain watermelon in the very near future.

“Are there other fruits that are popular this summer?” I thought you’d never ask! Based on some of my research, it seems like blueberries are also a strong choice for summer skin care as it contains a super popular antioxidant known as anthocyanin. It’s extremely effective in helping improve your overall skin condition. Even just eating blueberries can help improve your skin.

If you’re interested in learning about other fruits and vegetables that are great for your skin, then I suggest you check out this page here. Chances are you’ll find one or two that you wish to give a shot.

I’ve been known to take things to the extreme at times and even lately I’ve been contemplating starting a 100% juice diet. I’m not sure what type of impact this will have on my skin but I imagine it will be positive. I got the idea after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. If you’re curious, then I suggest you watch it. Honestly, it’s a huge eye opener!

Watermelon Is The Summer Seasonal Korean Skin Care Ingredient
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