Watch What Happens To This Woman’s Skin Underwater


Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin when you go swimming? This strange video shows you exactly what occurs as you move around in the water.

A woman decided to jump around in a swimming pool or somewhere in the ocean while being filmed. How her skin reacted was a bit creepy. This video was filmed in Gran Canaria, Spain by someone with a slow-motion video camera. Is skin, which was rather smooth, to begin with, ends up resembling something that looks similar to crepey skin.

underwater skin video
Credit: Newsflare

If you’ve never seen crepey skin, it’s basically just the presence of lots of wrinkles. Your skin can become crepey-looking when you lose collagen and elastin. Granted, this woman does not have this type of skin and it’s just the effect that the water has on her skin. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth sharing with you all. Check out the video below…

Take care of your skin or it might start to look like this permanently! Click the play button below.

Watch What Happens To This Woman’s Skin Underwater
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