Warning: The Deodorant Challenge Is Burning Teen Skin!


If you’ve got a daughter or son, then you should be concerned with what I’m about to share. There are lots of foolish things that kids do to fit in these days. We all know about the hot chip challenge, the cinnamon challenge, and the Tide pod challenges. None of them are good to try. Now kids are into the deodorant challenge. The problem is, this can really cause major skin issues for teens partaking in this challenge!

Warning: The images below are graphic.

Parents, consider this you’re warning. Keep reading to learn more about this and how the challenge can impact your child’s well-being.

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Deodorant Challenges Are Harming Teens Across The World

If you hear your kid discussing the deodorant challenge with their friends, it’s best to put an end to that right then and there, by educating them on what can happen to their skin. Partaking in the challenge can literally cause major skin issues to arise, even second and first-degree burns.

While I’m 100% down for crazy health conscious challenges like no-carbs after 4 PM or exercising daily or even doing 100 pushups, but I’m not for doing some stupid challenge that’s potentially harmful.

What Is The Deodorant Challenge?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then good! The challenge itself doesn’t sound dangerous at all but the after effects are quite damaging, to say the least.

The challenge specifically involves an individual applying aerosol spray deodorant to their skin as long as they can. If you think it sounds painful, then you’re absolutely right! The challenge is absurdly stupid and very dangerous, which is exactly why I’m taking the time to share the facts with you today!

People are attempting this challenge and they are posting the videos and aftermath pics on social media.

Although this deodorant spray challenge has only recently become an issue on social media, people have been doing this for years and years. In fact, according to a study published back in 2010, two individuals received burns from using deodorant sprays applying it for up to 15 seconds.

Why does this happen? Well, it has everything to do with the antiperspirant and the gases involved in the spraying aka propellants. It’s the propellants that cause the cooling effect to occur and when the skin is exposed to the cooling effect for too long, it can mean big problems.

The bottom line is simple – use deodorant sprays (on your underarm area only) as directed or you will end up with first or second degree burns.

Here’s a video further explaining the severity of this trending challenge.

Parents, please take this seriously and talk to your kids so they don’t start attempting this challenge. It’s going to harm them and cost lots of money in medical care.

Warning: The Deodorant Challenge Is Burning Teen Skin!
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