Want To Make Your Acne Worse? Do These Things!


Of course, you don’t want to make your acne worse. I had to make the title catchy enough to attract readers. That said, I’m going to help you identify specific things that you should never do to your skin unless you want to make your acne worse.

Assuming you’re taking care of your skin, then you do not deserve to have anything other than clear and glowing skin. Some people just don’t have enough knowledge to know what to do to keep their skin perfect looking. Avoid doing all these things unless you want to make your skin worse.

How To Make Your Acne Worse
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Things That Will Make Your Acne Condition Worse

Here’s a simple list of things that you need to avoid unless you want to assist your acne in surviving on your face. My guess is that you’re not all for zits and that I’ve likely got your attention. Keep reading to learn what not to do.

Exfoliating Too Much

If you’re exfoliating like an obsessed person multiple times a day, then you’re likely making your acne worse. What happens when you scrub too much? All that extra scrubbing typically causes skin cells to over accumulate and block pores. As a result, blackheads for and more pimples blossom. It’s an ugly cycle that takes place. Instead of overdoing things, I’m suggesting that you only do this twice per week.

Picking And Excessive Popping

Did you know that some people out there today are addicted to popping pimples? Yup, it’s the truth! Picking your zits and squeezing that puss out of your skin is likely making things much worse. Doing so can cause infections to blossom due to exposure to bacteria on the surface of your skin. If you have a pimple that you can’t help but pop, make sure you’re using a blackhead extraction tool to do so, not your hand!

Applying Too Many Products

When we see a bunch of pimples developing we turn to an arsenal of products. In fact, most of the time people use so many products it’s no wonder they can barely pay the rent! When it comes to treating acne you want to take a “less is more” approach. Some of the acne medications and OTC products contain chemicals that can dry your skin out. The drier your skin, the more prone to breakouts you are. Use one or two products and that’s it.

Skipping Evening Washes

Did you know that not washing your face before bed is a huge no no, you’re basically willing to go to bed with grime, dirt, oil, and everything else on your skin!¬†Washing your face literally takes less than three minutes. Just do it and thank me in the morning!

Well, those are some of the things that you shouldn’t do because they will make your acne worse! My guess is that you’re objective is to avoid acne at all costs. If so, we have the same objectives and I can confidently tell you that I do my best to take my own advice that I’m giving you today. It’s Monday, there is no better time to start taking action other than today.

Want To Make Your Acne Worse? Do These Things!
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