Want To Look Younger – Do Face Yoga, Meghan Markle Does!


One thing none of us here at Skincare.net do is sleep on trends and anti aging ideas. We research, dig, research, and dig some more until we’ve discovered the deepest and darkest anti aging secrets out there.

Seriously, there’s no denying that and quite frankly we don’t give a hoot about the stuff that everyone else is sharing. If someone is sharing news on something and so is everyone else, then it’s not news. It simply turns into just another topic that people are chirping about.

We prefer to be different.

That’s exactly why we’ve done our homework and discovered that there is such thing as toning your face through face yoga. Even those in the upper-income brackets are doing this and yes, it most certainly is a real thing that you need to know about.

How’d we find out about this crazy meditation act for your face? Well, none other than Meghan Markle and Birchbox. Guess what, she’s a really big fan of doing face yoga aka massaging the face through specific techniques. In fact, soon-to-be-married Markle goes as far as claiming that this type of activity is what keeps her face toned and wrinkle-free!

face yoga tips by meghan markle

What the heck does Meghan Markle actually do? Well, she does facial exercises that her aesthetician tells her to do. Yes, legit exercises for her face and it seems to be working pretty damn good if you ask me.

According to a recently published article, Meghan Markle stated, “On the days I do it, my cheekbones and jawline are waaaay more sculpted.”

Obviously, if these exercises are good enough for a future princess to do, then they are definitely good enough for peasants like you and I. But you probably want to know why these exercises work so well. To simply put it, doing facial yoga helps to best strengthen the muscles in your face all while relaxing the lines that commonly exist due to excess stress.

Some of these facial yoga poses are going to make you look foolish, but I’d say it’s worth it in the short term for sure. Here are some of the exercises that we discovered and those that you should definitely consider doing.

Eye Stretching

I know eye stretching sounds like something you wouldn’t want to do but believe it or not, it’s a solid yoga exercise. Basically what you’re going to do is, using your index finger and thumb, stretch your eyes up into a C shape position. While pulling down on your finger, you’re supposed to attempt to raise your eyebrows and try to open your eyes very wide. Do this a number of times and eventually, you’ll look younger. That’s what they say so I’ll give it a shot.

Neck Cranes

This next one is just as weird as the first, it’s called neck cranes. The first thing you want to do is look straight and make sure your chin is centered and leveled. Take your head and turn to the right so that you’re looking over your right shoulder. Then very carefully tilt your head back. Return to the starting position and do the same to the other side. Don’t go crazy with this or you’ll end up at the chiropractor. Trust me, it’ll happen.

These the two face yoga exercises that I was willing to try. Give them a shot yourself if you dare. Let me know how it works out!

Oh, let me not forget that we’ve covered some neck exercises in the past as well. If you’re not doing those, then you should think about stepping your neckercising efforts up big time. Chances are you’ll be happy with the results if not just blame us as we’re pretty easy to blame for things these days.

That’s all I’ve got for today, now have at it and get your yoga on!

Want To Look Younger – Do Face Yoga, Meghan Markle Does!
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