Want Stronger Hair and Nails? Eat This!


We always strive to optimize our life and on that note, optimizing our skin, hair, and nails regimen goes without saying. We do the research that others tend to slack on. Sure, some people out there are more knowledgeable but we’re not doctors, just people who care about our skin and well being, nothing more. That said, we recently went on a research binge trying to determine what we could do to improve our hair and nails all via our food intake.

See, the thing is that you don’t always need to go out of your way to purchase a bunch of supplements or products. That goes for if you’re dealing with brittle nails too. Instead, all you need to do is buy the right foods. If you’re looking to spruce up your hail and nails, then I suggest you start by purchasing some of the foods mentioned below. You don’t need to buy all of them, but one or two is a must in my opinion.

List of foods to help hair and nail growth

Foods That Improve Your Nails and Hair

I’ll kick this list off with one of my favorite foods of all time, fish! Not just any fish though, fatty fish! If you want to help stimulate hair follicle growth, then you need more vitamin D which is just what you’ll find in fatty fishes like salmon and tuna. It’s possible that consuming these foods may actually help prevent your hair from thinning out. Remember, no one looks good sporting thinning hair!

Next on the list is another staple in my everyday diet, spinach! If you didn’t know, spinach is jam-packed with lots of nutrients that are very healthy for your hair. Things such as vitamin E and iron are in spinach and they are essential to increase the strength of your hair. As you get older and older, you should think about incorporating more spinach into your diet.

Since I’m on a role here, I’ll continue with foods that I typically consume daily. Next up is the sweet potato. This specific type of potato is packed with vitamin A and it’s the specific vitamin that is able to activate your hair follicle stem cells. If you’re going to eat sweet potatoes, don’t remove the skin as you’ll be throwing out lots of vitamins if you do. However, don’t overload on this food or vitamin A for that matter because it can cause hair loss. Just keep it moderate and you’ll be fine.

If you want to increase the growth and strength of your nails, then you might want to consider eating more eggs. These eggs contain a vitamin called biotin which helps with both hair and nail strength. However, you’ll want to be sure not to toss out that yolk. That’s where all the biotin is stored.

Some people eat this next food every single day because it’s the only meat that they eat. Yes, I’m referring to chicken. If you want to keep your nails growing nice and strong then you need to consume a diet that is high in protein. I typically opt for the leanest source I can find which is more often than not, chicken.

Now, I had to mention blueberries here because they are great for your hair and scalp. Blueberries contain a lot of vitamin B as well as something called proanthocyanidins. These two things help to further stimulate hair growth.

Leaving you with one last nail tip, you’ve got to start eating almonds. Not those covered in sugar, just plain raw almonds. They’ll help you lose weight and they contain a bunch of biotin. In fact, one single serving of almonds typically provides close to 50% of your recommended daily intake of biotin. Start eating them and weight, plus your hair and nails will look better!

Well, my advice is to take some action this week and start incorporating these things into your dietary regiment if possible. No need to go crazy, just start small. Whatever you do, be sure to do something!

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Want Stronger Hair and Nails? Eat This!
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