Want Skin Cancer? Just Move To This Lovely City!


A tiny island called Jersey is now officially the skin cancer capital of the world. It’s small as heck but packs a mean punch in terms of skin cancer reports. The number of reports in just a year is over twice the number of cases in a 12 month period in comparison to New Zealand, which was the previous winner (according to one source).

jersey great britain
Jersey Island – Great Britain

Great Britain’s Jersey Island – Skin Cancer Central?

I guess a lot of folks in Britain that live in the Channel Island are diagnosed with skin cancer. That’s what the folks at Express.co.uk are saying at least. Melanoma is no joke and can kill you if you’re not careful. Symptoms of melanoma include the development of moles which change shape, increase in size, change color, and can even become painful.

I must warn you that these stats are raw stats and they may not be completely accurate. nevertheless, it’s still pretty shocking that 88 people were diagnosed with skin cancer in one annual period out of 100,000 people.

This figure could increase significantly if residents don’t take action to protect themselves from sun damage. I’ve shared stories about famous celebrities like Hugh Jackman and others that have battled skin cancer for years. It’s not pretty and you’d best smarten up if you want to avoid getting this disease.

Why is the rate so high in Jersey? For those that still think I’m referring to New Jersey, you’re watching Snooki and others in too much reality TV. Back to the topic of conversation, this tiny island is exposed to more than 2,000 hours of sunshine throughout the year. That’s a lot of UV rays if you ask me! If you live in Great Britain or you plan on visiting this tiny island called Jersey, then I suggest you wear a heck of a lot of sunscreen and bring a hat for gosh sakes!

Want Skin Cancer? Just Move To This Lovely City!
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