Want Better Skin? Then Give Up Alcohol For 30 Days (Or Good)…


If you’re like most Americans working hard just trying to make ends meet, then chances are you often find yourself stressed to the max. With all that stress, some people turn to alcohol in order to relax or unwind. If you want better skin, then you should think twice before picking up that glass of wine, downing that shot, or chugging that beer. The hard truth is that nothing good comes from alcohol. One of those things that it definitely doesn’t help with is your skin.

I’m not perfect, but I’ve done my part and taken time away from consuming alcohol. I can safely say that in doing so, I was more productive, thinking clearer, lost weight, and had better-looking skin. If you decide to take this challenge on, then here is what you cna expect to occur in doing so.

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What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol For A Month

Assuming that you’ve got enough will power to quit drinking alcohol for a month, here are some of the things that you can expect to have happen to your skin.

The first thing you can expect is for your complexion to immediately improve. Based on the research that I’ve done and some personal experiences, I can confidently say that your skin complexion will most likely be clearer due to the ommittance of alcohol from your intake. The pigmentation issues that you once had should slowly begin to fade away or improve at a minimum. Skin tone will improve for sure and you’ll hopefully be able to keep those blemish removers in the medicine cabinet.

Another thing which I feel is the ultimate plus here is that you’ll sleep so much better. Think about how you sleep after a night of drinking. Most of the time you get a terrible nights sleep. Not only do you lack the number of hours required, but you end up tossing and turning or snooring like crazy.

Assuming you quit drinking alcohol, your sleep patterns should start to become more regular and you’ll notice that you wake up feeling more refreshed. If you’re having trouble fighting the bags under your eyes, then cutting the alcohol out will most definitely help you out. Kiss those dark circles and bags goodbye for good. No more bags, no more restless nights sleep. More energy and a better look. All wins so far!

Quitting alcohol will also make you skin feel better hydrated. Ini fact, your entire body should feel better hydrated. Alcohol sucks the water out of your skin and it makes you feel dry and dehydrated. That’s one of the reasons why you feel awul and want to crush fluids all day long the following day after a hard night out on the town. The parched skin feeling goes away and you won’t need to reup on the mositurizer so many times throughout the day.

I should also mention that your skin most likely will feel brighter all around. The physical glow that you get and the clear mental state makes you feel almost invincible. In my humble opinion, everyone should try this annually at least once or twice. Perhaps you can quit for good if that makes more sense for you and your longterm health goals.

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Want Better Skin? Then Give Up Alcohol For 30 Days (Or Good)…
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