Walgreens Launches Teledermatology In Deal With Iagnosis


Seeing a rising demand for dermatology telehealth, Walgreens Boots Alliance is launching a teledermatology skin care platform. Walgreens teledermatology includes video consultations with dermatologists. This is part of a fast growing market segment of the digital health industry that Walgreens hopes to tap in to.

Walgreens right now already has a telehealth offering. It offers access to doctors by smartphone, desktop or tablet through its relationship with MDLive which is a telehealth firm. This model is now expanding to mental health services. In the new deal disclosed today, Walgreens has partnered with Iagnosis and its main product called DermatologistOnCall. This is a network of dermatologists that are always available for consultation.

Doctor performs teledermatology consultation online

Teledermatology Deal Highlights Walgreens Push In To Technology

These online skin care consultations cost $59 each. Dr. Harry Leider is Walgreens Chief Medical Officer. He says that the teledermatology offering and collaboration is simply a natural extension of some of the services that Walgreens already provides. It can be used as an early screening tool for potential diagnosis of a wide range of skin care conditions.

Because there are over 100 million Americans suffering from critical skin cancers (like what scared Khloe Kardashian) , diseases and disorders, this teledermatology can potentially help save 85% of these. It really is as effective as face to face visits when a doctor is diagnosing a skin care condition. And because telehealth is making up a larger and larger share of the dermatology business, it is set to grow even more rapidly.

Take Teladoc for example. It is one of the largest telehealth companies in the country. Last year Teladoc saw about 25,000 dermatological visits. The company is projecting double digit growth in visits this year.¬†Walgreens deal to jump aboard the teledermatology train seems smart as that is where the industry is headed. Simply put, doctors can see more patients in a more cost effective manner and the quality of service is considered to be the same. Ain’t technology grand?

Walgreens Launches Teledermatology In Deal With Iagnosis
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