VOOA Dot Mole Removal Pen

Okay, so we’ve got another product that’s all over Amazon.com to share with you today. This product is a type that we’ve covered in the past here on Skincare.net before. It’s a mole removal pen sold by a company called VOOA. If you do a simple search on the Internet for this company, you’ll soon learn a lot about them. The main question that people often ask is whether or not the VOOA Dot Mole Removal Pen actually works.

Now, before you go spending all your money buying up all these mole removal devices for yourself, family members and friends, I want you to understand a few things about the device.

Details On The VOOA Dot Mole Removal Pen

Before I go into specific product details, there is some information that I’d like to share with you. I did some simple searches online and quickly came across the results listed below. I can tell you right from the get-go that these results leave a really bad taste in my mouth. The reason I say that is there is no company website and the results are odd and shady (aside from the Amazon results).

vooa dot mole removal pen SE results

Now you’ll notice that the first result is a listing from Amazon.com. There are less than 90 reviews which have been written about the mole removal pen and the rating is a 3.4 out of 5.0. Here’s what I can tell you about a rating like this. It’s pretty terrible and one that I personally wouldn’t ever try. When a product gets a certain number of negative reviews, it only makes sense that the product becomes less appealing and eventually ends up getting dropped from Amazon altogether.

Enough about that though, for now, I’ve got to cover some of the product information so that you’re informed enough to make a purchasing decision.

If you take a look at the product image posted above, you’ll notice that it looks very similar to other mole removal pens on the market today. I mean, aside from putting the ZDU logo on it, whatever that may mean.

The VOOA Dot Mole Removal Pen clearly lists as being a tattoo removal pen, nevus freckles, dark spots, aging spots remover and more. Does the VOOA device actually accomplish all that and then some? It’s tough to say but from an economics perspective, one would likely think otherwise given the extremely lost cost involved. I mean, if you came across a medical device that cost $17.99 and made all these claims of being fantastic, but without have an actual website, would you use it? Neither would I!

VOOA Mole Removal Pen

More About The VOOA Dot Mole Removal Device

Here are a couple of other things that you might want to consider when it comes to purchasing this product. The VOOA Dot Removal Pen is said to be safe and it has the ability to remove moles without leaving burns on your skin. It also does not cause your skin to bleed.

If power is your concern, you’ll be happy to learn that the product offers three different levels of output. My guess is that 1 is the weakest and 3 is the highest.

Based on the Amazon listing, the company claims that this mole removal pen comes in an exquisite looking package. Honestly, I’m not even sure why the company went out of their way to share that information with consumers. Are they lacking that many benefits that they need to write that as a feature? If so, then it just goes to show the true caliber of a product like this. Obviously, they are running out of features to share about the product.

Apparently, this pen is charged via USB and is a wireless mole removal pen. They don’t share the details of the product in depth but that’s my basic take on what I’ve gathered.

Description of Product & More Details

If you take a look at the description listed on Amazon.com, you’ll notice that a lot of the language presented on the page doesn’t sound quite up to snuff. However, they do provide some good advice in terms of things that you should consider doing. For example, you’ll want to keep this away from children due to the temperature and heat that it omits. The description also suggests that you not scrub or clean the area within 30 days of using the mole removal pen. My guess is that they don’t want consumers causing scarring, so this does make sense. They then go into talking about product specifications and everything that you get when you make this purchase.

Amazon Buyer Reviews

As far as the actual reviews are concerned which are shared on Amazon.com. You’ll notice that they are basically all over the map. What I mean by that is they’re not showing any sign of not being terrible. For example, there are plenty of 1-star reviews on the page that you’ll notice below.


Buying The Product

If you’re still planning on purchasing this device, then head on over to Amazon.com and buy one. It’s going to cost you less than $20 to do so and my guess is that you’ll be returning it eventually. However, I can’t tell you what to buy. The good news is that it’s via Amazon and they’ve got a really strict policy when it comes to refunds and returns, those of which are favorable for the consumer, not the seller.


Would I suggest that you purchase this device? Not a chance. Save your $17.99 and find a product that’s more reputable. While this might work, it doesn’t scream “buy me” when I look at the listing. That said, I’m passing on this product for sure and you probably should do the same. A better option would be to purchase the Skinpro mole remover versus using this device.

VOOA Dot Mole Removal Pen
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