Vitamin C Cream

If you’ve read even one or two of the articles that we’ve posted here on our website, then you know just how popular incorporating vitamin C into your skin care routine can be. Vitamin C cream is one of the most popular types of cream that consumers use to essentially halt the aging process and sometimes even reverse it. Please don’t take this the wrong way as people react differently to different treatments.

There are many individuals in the world today that strongly believe that incorporating vitamin C into their regimen is great. In fact, many people feel that vitamin C is a powerhouse against free radicals. You know, one of the main factors that encourage the deterioration of skin are free radicals. You probably have some questions about vitamin C cream and more importantly, you’re likely wondering which cream is the best.

vitamin c cream for skin
Natura Bisse C+C Cream courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

How Does Vitamin C Cream Help Improve Your Skin?

Before I get into how this type of cream can improve your skin, I need you to understand the science behind all of this. In order to have a clear and good looking complexion, your skin must be well-balanced. What that typically entails is being “free” from large groups of free radicals or at least, limiting the free radicals that are present to the fullest extent possible. See, free radicals have a way of successfully helping and hurting you. When you have an infection, bacteria, or a virus that you’re trying to fight, your body will create free radicals which help fight off the infection, virus , bacteria etc.

Free radicals grouping together and attaching to larger groups of molecules making them extremely unstable. As a result, the damage is noticeable in your skin. The specific type of damage may be fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and many other forms of skin damage.

That is exactly why companies decide to incorporate antioxidants into their products. It’s also why they typically incorporate vitamin C cream into their product lines. Given that vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants known, it should come as no surprise that it’s incorporated into skin products so often.

There’s a science behind this that I rather not waste your time with. However, what I will tell you is that it has a lot to do with electrons and molecules. Rather than explain the science behind all this, I’m going to tell you how vitamin C cream works.

How It Works

Vitamin C cream works best when consumed in a topical ointment or cream. When applied, it can aggressively destroy free radicals which slowly destroy your skin. The ability to rid your body from these free radicals plays a key role in overall skin improvement. However, that’s not all that this type of cream can do. It’s also common that this skin can help encourage collagen production. You may ask yourself why this is even important.

The truth is as you grow older, the amount of collagen that your body produces slows down quite a bit. One of the reasons that this happens is because the body’s vitamin C storage gets lower and lower. Using vitamin C cream can help reduce wrinkles and lines as the collagen production increases and free radicals become reduced. Click here to read more on the subject.

Choosing A Cream

There’s a method to my madness and it involves finding a cream that has the perfect concentration of vitamin C concentration. The appropriate concentration would be somewhere between 3.0% and 10.0%. You’ll want to keep an eye out for absorbic acid or L-absorbic acid. Pay close attention to the packaging of the cream too. You’ll want to be on the lookout for packaging that hides the cream from UV light. Too much exposure to light may have a negative impact on the potency levels of the product.

Where To Buy

I often recommend buying vitamin C cream online at a reputable retailer. Be on the lookout for some of the ridiculous scams that exist. I explain them all on this page right here. It’s always best to avoid sites like eBay and Craigslist. It’s safe to purchase off of Amazon. Should you prefer to purchase vitamin C cream locally, then I suggest you visit the local health food store or organic shop. You’ll most likely find a product that suites your needs their. Another option is to purchase a product directly from the official company website.

There are many different brands that produce vitamin C creams. For example, assuming that generic brand creams are sufficient enough for you, GNC sells a one. Walgreens sells a brand called Lumene Bright Now Cream that can be purchased for roughly $20. If you’re looking for something more high-end, don’t hesistate to purchase Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Cream at Bloomingdale’s. It’s going to run you about $118 per jar. As you can see, the price point for this type of cream varies widely. Find one that best meets your needs and fits within your budget.  You can also get this serum with vitamin c, one that we’ve recommended in the past.

Professional Help

Before purchasing any vitamin C cream, you should bring the exact product to your dermatologist that you’re thinking of using. If you want, ask the professional for their own recommendations.

Vitamin C Cream
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