Victoria Beckham Uses All These Skin Products Daily


We were lucky enough to stumble across some information today that just about every reader will be happy to learn about. That holds especially true if you’re a Victoria Beckham fan. She recently shared a bunch of skin tips with and luckily we’re here to share some of that insight with you.

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Victoria Beckham’s Skin Routine – Read Below…

The first thing you’ll want to know is that Victoria Beckham didn’t have great skin growing up. So, if you’re young and embarrassed at the condition of your skin, don’t be because it’s possible for you to bounce back from things.

According to the article, Victoria explained that as she’s aged, her skin has started to calm down more. What she did was analyze her skin over a long period of time and eventually, she found out what works for her. She was very focused and honest with herself about her skin. It’s something that she’s done over a period of time and it’s made a difference.

As far as product use goes, she’s got some tricks up her sleeve to make things work well. Now, I’m not saying that this is the only way to go if you want nice looking skin. What I’m doing is sharing what works for Victoria Beckham. Truth be told, you may not be able to afford the skin care lifestyle that she has, but it’s worth knowing in the event that you can pull some tidbits of information to apply to your personal routine.

When it comes to removing makeup, the only face wipes that Victoria is using that those by Biorderma called Sensibio H2O Wipes. 25 come in a pack and they’re priced at around $10 per pack. She also uses a skin cleanser right after removing the makeup to get rid of any remaining makeup.

Following that process, she typically uses the Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse by Sarah Chapman and then the Lancer Polish. These products are roughly $50 and $75 respectively. That’s just for the cleansing process of her routine too.

Once she’s completed the cleansing and her skin is clean as can be, she’ll typically apply the 3D Moisture Infusion Mask by Sarah Chapman. She only uses this mask a few times weekly. Be happy that the routine only calls for it a few times weekly because four applications cost $84.

To follow up the mask, she’ll use what’s known as a jade roller. This is a very specific roller that is built to help reduce puffiness, eliminate toxins, and reduce pore size. Yes, the roller is made of jade stones and it seems to work well based on the research we’ve done here. Don’t worry the jade roller will only cost $25 and it can be used over and over so you’re lucky here.

Then comes the expensive moisturizing cream. You guessed it, Victoria Beckham uses the Creme de la Mer just like Dwyane Johnson. She applies this right before applying foundation.

Now, according to the article, if Victoria Beckham is traveling, she’ll typically add an additional step to her skin routine. She applies the Stem Cell Collagen Activator Duo by Sarah Chapman. The reason she does this is that it’s easy to use and it feels incredible on her skin after flying for hours. Victoria also makes a point to stay hydrated, moisturize, and doing anything she can to keep her skin looking best as possible in the air.

If you’re interested in learning more about Victoria and her relationship with Estee Lauder, and a weird skin secret of hers, then feel free to check this article out right here.

Victoria Beckham Uses All These Skin Products Daily
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